Sunday, 26 March 2017

Ǩǔřōƞēĸō Ǩăŕėŝħī ňō Aishĭĸăŧă part 4

Hi minna!!!

Genki?!??! Watashi wa genki desu! Hope u had/are having a good Sunday! And I hope to cotribuite to improve it with this release! What could I write to describe this video...??? It's good and admirable how Kagami tries to protect his beloved lover from his selfish big bro... but at the same time I truly cant get what Kagami think sometimes... I confess that I had forgotten some details of this volume... so I thanks all those who asked me for this project to edit... coz u made me remember and enjoy again!
When Kagami told "I dont want to be family with u" to Shingo I wanted truly punch at his awesome face... seriously...why!??! People truly love to complicate their life sometimes ahahah, I really think Sakyo sensei likes to play with my heart... or make me suffer ahhaha why sensei? Whyyyyy?
This is an example of sex without love, the kind of sex they have here... a bit meaninless... this is what I liked less.... how can I say.... Your partner enjoyement and happiness should be the lover's aim right?!?!? The forceful Kagami need a punch...!!! Aahahha, lucky me... this is a complete manga...  and right now while writing this post I have the next track playing in my headphones and they are loving each other with sweetness and kindness... Yeah... a bless for my hurt heart....! 
Now now... stop will I??? 
Before leaving u with the video, I still receive BDAY wishes! thank you guys, truly blessed now! And to those who wanted to take active part of kissy video for me, please consider it was a surprise... it's not like she could pubbicly share a post here or in the group askin "who want to join and wish happy bday to Roby?" right? You understand it, right? She contacted everyone who is an active member here or in the group, the others... well, I mean she is not the type who like to impose or force someone... so, try to be more active or present in our routine, u will be in our projects or choices! So, please try to understand that! But I received everything so your aim is more that fullfilled the same! Thank u!
Enjoy the video!

Saturday, 25 March 2017

♪♫ЯоΒў’ѕ ВіґŧНDаỳ VіDєО ♪♫

Wazzup Guys!!

It comes to my concern that the Birthday Video for Roby is having a lil problem for some of you..
Well.. actually its a YouTube problem.. U know how it is..  💢💢💢
The first issue is when it was not available on some Cellphone... Well.. to tell u the truth, after snooping around a lil, I found out that the video contains some ads that cannot be played by Cell, thats why the ads blocked the vid..  ><
But then, the second issue is, the video has been blocked on 6 countries.. forgive me for not noticing it sooner.. the notification did come a bit late even after publishing the video..  😩😩😩

Now... I found the solution for the first issue, which u can find it in the FB Group...
While the second issue....  ><
Im getting dizzy from all the tricks that needs to be learnt to avoid the problem.. It has a solution... but... I need to adjust something on the vid... Now... it takes me days to finish that video, and I'm not gonna altered anything...  💪💪💪

Ja... I decided to just upload it onto the Google Drive last night...  ^^
I literally have to upload it twice cz I feel asleep last night during uploading it and dont know what happen to it... 🙈🙈🙈

The file is ready now... I'm still not sure if those who are blocked can see it now.. but I HOPE u got no problem anymore after this... Sorry for being late in solving the problem.. But still.. if anyone do have any more trouble to see the vid through the G Drive link, please tell me...  ✌✌✌

And now... for those who haven't seen it yet... 

(LAST UPDATE 25/03/2017) - Hello!!!! Roby here speaking... I know Kissy and some of u are having problems with watching this video. Well, the songs used as a soundtrack are protected with copyright by the house here in YT, this explain the block. sometimes it happens in tracks of CD dramas as well, and to avoid that, we need to modify the video (ruinin a bit the audio) or it would be blocked too. But in this case, Kissy made a big of efforts and editing in doing this one... u know it was for me then... and I'm the BOSS here! I didnt want to change not a singel frame of this neither... My lil koukai (not sure if I wrote right, I meant the opposite of senpai tho.. ahahah!) needed help, and I hope none interessed in this will keep having problems with it, if u still have contact us again. I uploaded this directly on blogger and it should be ok!  (less quality, but it should be avaible for everyone and from any device used).
P.S. I really thanks people who took active part in this, all your personal wishes were just fabolous, I'm flattered and very happy to know that my blog could be useful/help someone else life, this is the best thing I could ever listen, and knowing someone (Sora), brought a cake and candles to send me a video while coming back home, made my heart race like a crazy one! I thanks Bonnie for her wishes (a beautiful blonde fujoshi from Germany!) Thanks to all used their awesome editing skills to make me BDAY cards ahaha they were sexy, funny and sweet! Thanks to those who wrote letters by hand for me, great really great! I thanks all those replied after kissy already edited this video so they are not displayed here, but dont worry, Kissy told me everything so I know who u are! Thanks to those who sent me sweet messages, even people I have no caontact often with, dedicated me time, the most precious thing God conced us! So I hope to have replied to u all! If I didnt please consider I'm an airhead, dont take it in your heart, onegai ne!?! 
Just I know there are people who love me, just here to make it clear I love u too!

Friday, 24 March 2017

ᴛѕϋКι уαɗοѓυ M+CD

Dramatic series about Keiji and his hald brother, Naoya who is suddenly adopted into Keiji's family which highly prizes in martial arts prowerss. Naoya is several years older and better in martial arts therefore forced Keiji's other into pushing him to work harder to beat Naoya to be the heir for their family. Which cause Naoya's darker side out when he knows about it..

Mangaka : Itsuki Kanama
Release : 22 Feb 2006 
(Hey... the date is my birthday!!  ^^ )
Cast : 
Naoya (Hirakawa Daisuke)  X  Keiji (Fukuyama Jun)

Happy Birthday +Roby85m !!!!  

I already reup ur last year's gift in  Porno Superstar..!! U can enjoy it again..!!!  ^^

Now.... I dont wanna say long... cz the gift is in the vid itself..!!! 
Everyone has pitched in their love in there..!!  💗💗💗💗
Enjoy ur gift..!! 💋💋💋💋

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Ǩǔřōƞēĸō Ǩăŕėŝħī ňō Aishĭĸăŧă part 3

Hi minna!!!

Genki!??!? Happy Saturday! I'm lateeee I know... it may be already late where u are sunday already in some cases but oh well....! Still in time for me! So, basically this project should have been my San Valentine present for u as 3 years till now... but I missed.... so I wanted to make up and use White Day (14 of March) the day when in Japan, the ones who received San Valentine choco, think to do/give something cute in return to share love as well, we dont use this here, but I've always liked the idea since I have know about it... but I missed that deadline too... Agh... and I gave up on the idea of sharing all in once coz it's not my style at all.... (yeah I'm a devil person... the worst of the worst on this planet mauaauauwh) no no (return serious, if ever I had been!!), I often got asked to release my projects all in one go, wothout any rush of course... but, even if I totally get the reasons u do it, still I think this is a way not confortable for me... first of all, coz doing it all in once seems alot of work for me... I try to eplain better, I mean after every release I proudly watch the project becoming smaller and smaller (it's all in my mind but that's it!) it makes me feel like I will see the end soon! (motivation related reason!)
Second I like to describe every single video and I do that every single time... u should know now... that I'm not the type of girl who simply writes "here it is, enjoy" no  no... I know that for some of u it would be better and less boring... but this is my personal space and I think I have the right to follow my inclinations here without worrying about anything, so forgive me but it seems that I'm a long boring speaker... I'm this way in real life... it's not like there is difference between the Roby here and the one among relatives or friends... so changin my way of doing or my style would be a burden for me... so I prefer being a burden for u ahahahha!
This is the way I decided to manage here... enjoying each post is my rule, so it would have no meaning if the only thing is listening the drama and nothing more... where all the fun would go? Where the sharing opinions thing would go? I think I've used a well and linear style since the beginning here and that too, it's a reason we could manage arriving so far during these years!
Third u should understand that I'm doing each track at time for your sake... yup yup... I already write 1 km long post for only one...  have you got an idea on how long a whole project post could be?!?!?!?!
No?!?!? Me neither, but I dont want to find out... and you too, I'm sure you would not know, there are things into this world that it's better to leave unknown!!!!
So, to reply to your numerous messages, sorry but it's no for full projects release in once,
Going back to the video in object... This volume is my favourite one.. if u want to know why, it's coz here it's where I see the coolest version of Keichi... from here on he becam a lil jerk that made me wnat to punch him sometimes.. but not now... NOT NOW!
Seeing him all angry and protective for Shingo is priceless, pure gold! And I've always loved that side in a love stories... strong and protective semes are romantic and amusing!
Well... I suggest u to use your headphones... so just to say.... no specific reasons pffffff!