Saturday, 21 January 2017

Ŧøŧàłłŷ ĈąpŧįvąŧěĐ part 24

Wazzup Guys!!

So... after  heavy head pounding yesterday, today I wake up with a high temperature of fever attacking me..!!! I've been trying to sleep all day but it's not working...  💢💢💢
I cant even walk straight without swaying around the house.. luckily I don't have to go out for anything today... Now I'm craving for a hot and spicy soup for my bitter mouth... 👅👅
Still I wanna share this new track with you guys... After all I cant even sleep right now...

This is their biggest fight ever and Ewon finally show his possessiveness... He's given Mookyul a chance to choose one out of two....
I just wanna warn you that Ewon could be pretty reckless and cold-heart when he's angry... So please dont be mad at him during this track... cz if it was me, I certainly understand it... He's just using a simple term of... "If you can do it... I can do it too..." I think that's what the most important thing in relationship... fair and square...

So... enjoy the vid... 💋💋💋

Friday, 20 January 2017

$øŋø Ķũćħıƃıřų ŋı Ƴøřũ ŋŏ Ŧšūŷų part 5

Wazzup Guys!!

I'm really need some sleep right now.. My head is pounding and my eyes are heavy.. Its been a week that I have this sickness of sleeping at 4am and waking up at 8 am in the morning... Such a torture..!!
But, even if I'm pretty sure my eyes are half closed right now, I still wanna and manage to share this new track with you guys cz we're almost reach the end for this one and I just dont wanna wait any longer... 

In this one, we're gonna see how did their relationship turned into something messed up...

And this scene here... somehow remind me a lot to Natsume from Alice Academy (Gakuen Alice) when he was angry... Have you ever read it..?

AND... BEHOLD..!!!
It's THE END of this track.... 😍😍😍

We still have one more to go for this baby..!! You should wait for Sunday to come..

Now... I really need some sleep.. its only 10pm here.. but I need to try to sleep for now...

So.. have fun!! 💋💋💋

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

$øŋø Ķũćħıƃıřų ŋı Ƴøřũ ŋŏ Ŧšūŷų part 4

Wazzup Guys!!

Your lovely Konomi & Ryou was complete last week, and I'm left wondering what should I share for your Wednesday's moment.. So I decided to just up this baby so you don't have to wait any longer.. 

 The conflicting feelings still lingers around between these two.. What happened between them just caused more suffering and grieved because only the one we love could break us.. 

And it did.... 😣😣😣

Urgh!! Sometime I just wanna get to the end to get to the happy part...!!

Enjoy your week..!!

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