Saturday, 25 February 2017

Cħĩĩśāňā ĸōī ňō Mëĺōđŷ part 4

Hi minna!!!

Genki? Wuaaaaah it seems ages since my last post on Saturday.... GOMEEEN! Plussss... this project was feeling lonely without me taking care of it hihihii, I will make it and you forgive me with this new video! At least this is what I hope! Now.... what can I say to introduce it?!??! Etto.... This is the part where I found Tatsumi a bit forcefull and selfish... coz it's pretty normal being scared of what u have never done... and even if he loves Eiji since long... agh... Tatsumi, you are so close to your aim.. that I felt like slapping you for rushing a bit at the end ahahah, even if Eiji is an airhead, he need time...! I didnt like much when Tatsumi avoided Eiji for that.... because, in general I am not a person who avoid problems but go straight to the point... this made me repeat again and again while editing "Tatsumi you big idiot!"... And I simply should have understood now that making your partner suffer for almost nothing is a must in some yaoi stories! If I think that at the beginning of the story when Tatsumi was a child I was all like awwww a lil angel here!!!!  Ok ok.... I will stop.... it is a long video after all and it was time since I worked on this project...so it's obvious for me to talk along about it! 
Just enjoy the video!

P.S. I would like to personally thanks all the people that both here and into the fb group or personally in her wall, helped me to make +Cold Blood Kissy  bday a bit more special! For me bdays are a special occasion and even if to make a person close to you happy does not require big  or excessive things an event is and remain an event! And I want to thank you for helping me in that! We made her happy so this is all what matters!

Ŧøŧàłłŷ ĈąpŧįvąŧěĐ track 29

Wazzup Guys!!

We're gonna start our lovely weekend with the usual couple for Saturday since so long now... 
Patience my dear one...  this long project gonna reach the end soon...! ✌✌✌
(And I'm gonna need to start looking for a new long project when it does...)

What a PIC..!!! The first time I saw this pic.. I went... 😲😲😲  (triple the face's size...  ^^ )
Is it so wrong of me to think that this pic is kind of sexy..?  (imagine my giggling and my imagination at this pic... ehehehh)

Ja... enjoy the vid..!! Its kind of mafia's track and a bit serious... The scanlation (words) too kept changing till the end... Still for better or worse, their efforts that made us able too enjoy the manga and I can't thanks them enough for that...!! Have fun!!! 💋💋💋

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Ɓūŧøĸąı ŋø Ŧěčħøü ~ Ūŋ Čăřŋěŧ ᴆᴇ ƁąŁ ~ M+CD

In the Meiji era, Masahiro, son of a Duke, who's been in England since he was a child has come back home and been asked by government to gives dancing lessons to the sons of noble families so that they can attend the big ball with a proper manner at Rokumei-kan, a place for diplomacy for every higher status ever existed. Fukaya, the second son of Viscount from Kuki family, is in a special relationship with Masahiro instead of just be his student. Never did he knows that Masahiro is hiding a secret promise between Masahiro and Naoki, Fukaya's brother, who's been very jealous for all the attention Fukaya gets from their father. Fukaya has been betrayed once again when his own friend used him to get into Rokumei-kan and be the cause of its' crumble...

Mangaka : Youka Nitta
Release : 24 November 2006
Cast :
Masahiro ↔ Kishio Daisuke
Fukaya ↔ Sugita Tomokazu
Naoki ↔ Konishi Katsuyuki

⑴ So... Wazzup guys!! First of all I wanna thank you for all the wishes for my birthday today.. It so sweet..!! It open my eyes wide awake this morning at 5 am.. ahahahh but.. really.. THANK YOU... 😍😍😍

⑵ Being so sweet and all.. I wanna share my day with all of you through this NEW baby..! I really love this story.. As simple as it be, the plot is very great and its historical too..! I love historical tag..!! Wish I can do more of them..!! 😁😁😁

Ja... without any further rambling... 
(I dont know since when I learn to write long...  😉😉😉
I'm gonna let you guys streaming this new baby of mine..!! A FULL one that is..!! Enjoy the vids..!! 💋💋💋

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Ŧøŧàłłŷ ĈąpŧįvąŧěĐ track 28

Wazzup Guys!!

I;m sure you guys are having fun with Roby's gift for Valentine's Day before..!! Sorry.. I didn't get to prepare anything.. well.. to tell you the truth... I dont even remember about the date and didn't open my net for the whole day..!! I only remembered it when I saw the post... hurm... 2 days later I think..?  😅😅😅
And +Roby85m  got her chance for being mean to me at the group..! 😭😭😭 

Well now lets just get to our lovely couple here, kay...? Who are still in the middle of their patching up honeymoon... tho they both still got so much to do to make it up to the others around them for all the shit they pull through during their fight...

Ewon  to Moon...

(Let me tell you... Moon is just.... so... very sweet....!!!)


And Mookyul to his guys...

(This side gonna brought trouble till the end....  -_- )

So... enjoy the vids...!!! 

(Its a bit emotional at the end of this track... I re-watch it after uploading and end up with some tears...)

Have a fun weekend and I'll see you guys later next weekday..!! 💋💋💋