Sunday, 18 June 2017

Ĵōōũ ŧō Ŝĥĩŧăŧėŷā part 6

Hi minna!

Genki?!?!? I'm okkkkk! Another weekend almost ended BUT in this case this means I am going to finish one of my ongoing projects! Heheheh as always this moment fill me of mixed feelings, I laready miss the main pair to the project, but I'm pretty excited about picking somethin new, a new story and adventure! Isnt that great?!? Yeah it is!
As always thanks to all girls here for using their time to share here our yaoi passion! I dont know why but the "things to do list" is not as scary ad it was before ahahahha! I mean, having more hands feels pretty good! So, many many thanks!
For me... what can I tell!!??!?! This month is special coz it means we passed another year, together or not, peacefully or not, and Im refearring to real life too, it means we grow a bit more and have one year more in our life... and seen this crazy time, it is not for so granted for sure.... A thought need to go to what happened to that palace in fire in London, where 2 of my connationals found their end, and what's is happening to Portugal right now.... I dont know what tomorrow has for me, but I decide to live my life expressing myself the more I can, even resulting annoying or fake, but I can assure what is around me, really makes me feel unsecure sometimes.
Bad thoughts apart... (gomen!) I want to introduce the last video for Oumi san and Tetsu! Yeah... we will finally see them .... becoming one ahahahha always found this phrase pretty odd and great at the same time ahahha! But it's not like I'm telling we were all awating for it, like our life was depending from it... no no no absolutely not!!!! I would never dear ahahahahah!
This manga is such a new kind for me, u know I'm not into girly semes and masculine ukes... call me too simple mind or something... but tastes are tastes... but even if this was the case I truly enjoyed it ahhaha the art and everything was perfect!
Thanks for suggesting me this! I aprreciated it  A LOT!

Ķôĩĉħā ŋō Őŝāħōů part 2

Wazzup Guys!!

It feels like so long since I last been here... too busy this month... My bizz needed most of my time from early morning until dinner. I haven't even had any time to touch my laptop for a long time... not to mention having read any yaoi or even editing... urgh!! And this schedule will last until 24th June (this upcoming Sunday) - I truly hope so... 🙏🙏🙏

But being +Roby85m , as she is, she managed to persuade me into celebrating the blog's birthmonth and releasing a new baby. The truth was, since we entered June, I've been waiting for her to mention about the celebration but almost two weeks passed but she didn't mention about it.. And during one of our conversation, she asked me about a new release, but then I intended to change the subject by mentioning about the birthmonth... and in the end, she still managed to make me release by plotting a plan for the celebration... (Can u guys feel my regret in that..? 😉😉😉 )

Nevertheless...!! I truly need some sweetness to make up all the fun I missed during these times and I will be sure to cover the loneliness with all the new babies from the NEW EDITORS that join us this month..!! I never really had a chance to welcome they formally into the group yet... 
(tho the group chat never been lonely since its been created.. 😊😊😊 )
So... let me just say it in open and loud...

And... lets just stop the rambling... thats is why I asked for roby's help to share the vid last week... bcz I'm too tired and just went to sleep when I reach my bed.. and I also wanna avoid typing or sharing cz... I cant stop when I'm sharing something... now my eyes are literally half closed when I'm typing this post.... (hope there's no mistake....?) 😆😆😆

Etto... Let's see... Hasune's teasing is getting too touchy and Tokumaru is....
Enjoy the vid!!! 💋💋💋

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Ƙăƨħîķóɱȁɼǐɱąƾĥīţǻ ƉȅƾƗĭŋƴ (Track 4)

The Time Has Comeeeeee OHOHOHOHO

This post had been summarized to a sentence (from the title) haha XD 
The only sentence I can add to make the title much more tempting for you guys is... 



(lol wth am I saying X'D)
Anyways, this track is gonna be pretty smutty at the beginning so...


Featuring the main pair!!! (Tasukun has great smooching skills OHOHO, Yuuto is very...very ero haha)

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Ķôĩĉħā ŋō Őŝāħōů M+CD

Get ready for hot tea and hotter action in this tale of opposites attracting on the tatami mats. Poor Tokumaru Madoka is just a regular energetic guy that can't seem to go even five minutes without breaking something. One day his hapless sister has had enough, and she forces him to join their high school’s Tea Ceremony Club, hoping to instill a little discipline in her hopeless klutz of a brother. Tea Ceremony Club president Hasune Kazuma is Tokumaru’s complete opposite. The tall, dark president is the pinnacle of restraint, having been taught from a young age how to uphold his family’s traditions. The sophisticated president and his awkward pupil conceal a brewing attraction, but they can’t avoid steaming each other up. But even full to the brim with passion, will the two of them be able to bridge their differences and get along with each other?
Author: Sakuragi Yaya
Release date: 26/02/2005
(seme x uke)
Narita Ken x Takahashi Hiroki
Tsukui Kyousei, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Kurata Masayo, Shimura Tomoyuki, Horiuchi Kenyuu, Okuda Keiji, Tao Miyako, Kawamoto Kunihiro, Nojima Hirofumi, Hosono Masayo, Terada Haruhi 
P.S. Hello! This is the gift +Cold Blood Kissy  prepared for our celebrating month! She is the one who made me remember this blog needed to celebrate its bmonth! ahahha thanks alot for that!
The fasting month and family business take her away from yaoi world... at least till 24 June she tells, so I'm the one that this time, only this time will share something for her! Hope u all enjoy the presento! 
With this all of us released somethin new! Hope u liked them! See ya next weekend!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Ĵōōũ ŧō Ŝĥĩŧăŧėŷā part 5

Hi minna!!!

Genki?!??! I'm half and half! First half is the hppy one coz it's weekend u know... soooo well yeah! That's it! Second half the sad one coz I need someone +Cold Blood Kissy  to be precise, to remember that this month is a must celebrating one... I mean... guys it's ok for u to forget after all! It's passed so long... it's not ok if me, its mom, forget about my baby bday... My precious baby (the blog) is one year older this month ahahah! 4 yo.... OMEDETOOOOO! y
Now, this is a new one, but it's not like I can starting counting again right?!?! It would mean cheating! ahahah, like those old lady that do anything to hide their true age ahah! No no... This month the idea of starting a blog was born and created for real! 
I will be short, I truly will! The right moment I noticed that I run to my helpers here and leave them a biiiiig amount of options to celebrate this special occasion! Ehm.... yeah... something like that... *cough cough*, our translator can confirm that... ahahahah 
Anyway, I simply decided to increase our release schedule only for this month! The 4 of us will make what we can to make it possible! I need to tell anyway that without any single person here, I would never grow as a person and as a blogger. Still long way to go but, I will never stop to do (learn) till I will be a dead leaf!
Thanks to +Cold Blood Kissy  who is always here when I need and more! Thanks to the old and new members who wor/worked behind the scenes! And help/helped alot this place, surely more than u know! That's a given! For the rest, a big thanks to fans/supporters! Regular ones, the once in a while ones and the only tragic moment show urself ones ahhahaha! To all of you with great pleasure I say thank you in advance! 

Now.... back in topic! My part in this weekend release is Oumi san /Tetsuya love story new video! If u remember where we left a week ago, Oumi big sis appeared and is trying to make him realize the right way of doing things... This time, she made it for real... for a second when I first read this manga, I thought "Ough! They are done!, stop it one san will ya?!"... I know yaoi plots always like to make our hearts feel lost for a moment... Mine feels lost alot of time, while I read these kind of stories! 
As always enjoy the video!