Monday, 13 August 2018

Ķĩĸøéřü?! part 3

Hi minna!!!!

Genki!?!?!? Long long looooooong time no see.... really... it's been almost 2 months since my latest release!??!?! Agh.... sorry to my girls of the team... without them the blog would be basically dead for all this time?!?! yup it would have been! so thank you my sweethearts!
I have so many things I'd like to say and make u aware about, that I dont know from where to start?!??! Ahhhhhh I missed writing here so much!
First of all, I'm going to end this ongoing project of mine... after I'm not sure about what I should do coz my heart is split in 2... Yaoi u made my life so messed up.... TSK! I think I will ask for ur help when it will be the time to greet a new baby ok??!?
Second, Im on holiday for this week so I have spare time to dedicate to videos and the blog! (already excited about a lot of things) I couldnt book any days out with my friends this year.. so I will have to " bear" with just my beach and sea I have in front of my house... casually and I repeat a coincidence I have a pic right here....
Good girl arent I?!?!?! 
I am so white right now... I dont know where u live but here  where I live (on seaside) being too white isnt somthing u should be proud of.... It's not the right skin colour right now... and to tell u the truth I agree with that... there is something truly attractive in being "kissed by the sun". I like my figure more when darker. So my next mission is  to became like I was in my school days during this period... an african wonderful lady!
So said I will do my best I promise!

Third, as u noticed I added a new way to surf into the blog. The genre sections! I took the idea from mangago, and I studied a way to realize something in blogger platform. I will surely find something more professional but I dont really want to change the website style. Everything is homemade after all, and this is a free space so I have not many widgets at my disposition!
 My only purpose is to make easier for u (abitual users and new accounts) to be here and pick a project u feel like watchin! Of course, u have the power to help me in this idea. If u have problems or suggestions I'm here so please dont hesitate ok? Personally I think there alot of genres I left out... some of the projects we worked on are not ok to fit in any of the biggest sections I added... but I dont want to put to much meat on the fire... I may take people in confusion if I add to much!??!?! I dont really know... so I'm here to listen to u!
Fourth, I can finally talk about what Im going to share... Itsuki/Yuno san videoooooo.
Yuno is cute but a bit too dense here... guess our heart need to suffer a bit before enjoying the fullest... .... u know what I mean right?!!? ahahhah
Enjoy the video, it's on rapidvideo. It should be ok!

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Ƙăƨħîķóɱȁɼǐɱąƾĥīţǻ ƉȅƾƗĭŋƴ ~ŝĩđë: ßūƫŀêř (Track 7 -- FINAL)


I really want to apologize for this track coz' after finished editing I just realized....

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Ƙăƨħîķóɱȁɼǐɱąƾĥīţǻ ƉȅƾƗĭŋƴ ~ŝĩđë: ßūƫŀêř (Track 6)

Track 6 K.D release!

Track 6 is finally outtttt! (why am I repeating my title XD) 

This track is gonna be....A LITTLE SMEXY HUEHUEHUE (prolly the track that you guys had been waiting for >:D) Now now, initially I wanted to use some "bootiful" pics in my video but sadly the image quality wasn't really good :( So to compensate that;

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Ƙăƨħîķóɱȁɼǐɱąƾĥīţǻ ƉȅƾƗĭŋƴ ~ŝĩđë: ßūƫŀêř (Track 5)

Track 5 K.D release!

Harro pepal! Todei I m relising anada turak of Kashikomarimashita Destiny! Dis turak is abaut hao Miyauchi n Kudou's relashon gets bettar ova taim. (tbh i reli like how their love story is progressing a lot in this track >///<)

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Ƙăƨħîķóɱȁɼǐɱąƾĥīţǻ ƉȅƾƗĭŋƴ ~ŝĩđë: ßūƫŀêř (Track 4)

Track 4 is finally out! (after many centuries...)

Good evening my fellow fujoshis and fudanshis! I'd just uploaded Track 4 so do enjoy them >:D

Sunday, 15 July 2018

ʋɪʀɢɪɴ ʂтаʀ Track 3

Wazzup! Wazzup!!

Happy Sunday!! I hope urs truly filled with enjoyment or even some time to relax throughout the busy weeks.. Mine was truly hot n spent with being lazy n eating... but not so much for fun cz the hot weather truly gets on my nerves..!!! 
I kept wondering whether I will be able to update today cz its too hot to spent time in my room with my laptop.. 
But then someone told me that she n her group was waiting for some yaoi under a tree... Gosh..!! How I wish to be there to feel the breeze n the greens..  Save up a nice shade for me there, would u...? hihiihi

Now.... we are gonna dive in thru another hot stuff where Hijiri-chan filled with  filled with Hijiri-chan n Izumi Hayato...
Will they be able to connect again..? Or will they be apart foreve... Who am I kidding..? There's not gonna be sad ending in my project...!! ahahhahah

Have a HOT Sunday..!!! 
And have fun with the vid!! 💋💋💋

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