Sunday, 23 April 2017

ҥіᴛᴏғוјімᴇ воӱfᴙוӛиᴅ Last Track & Extra

Wazzup Guys!!

First of all... sorry for the late sharing than my usual time... my net decided to have trouble today.. it keeps getting on and off without caring for my heart... 💢💢💢
BUT!! Thank god it decided to be good at last and stay still for a while for me to share this last track with all of you... and with this, I also include the extra track that tells us a little about their life as a couple..  😉😉😉
But of course.... after the happy ending of the last track we can't wait for this cute couple to went all lovey-dovey just like ↴↴↴ right..? 

But still, the main issue still remains, whether Kensuke will get over his dense or not? 😔😔😔
Let's see how Hasekura deal with it and who kisses who at the end... 😏😏😏
Enjoy the vids..!!! 💋💋💋

Sunday, 16 April 2017

ҥіᴛᴏғוјімᴇ воӱfᴙוӛиᴅ part 4

Wazzup Guys!!

Happy Sunday!! Its too hot here at my place.. This current high temperature has been disturbing my peaceful life for almost a week now... I cant even stay in my room to spend my time with my life on internet as usual.. 💢💢💢 This has affecting my focus in finding new project for my new collection to be edited... If you find the next new added project are too simple and short... plez blame it on nature... 🙍🙍🙍

But I am not forgetting ur Sunday's treat..!! Cz I definitely need that for a break...

Tho... I'm not gonna say that we're gonna start with some fun here.. Cz Hasekura's word...

"I never once thought you as my friend..!"

Is really affecting Kensuke and hurting him deep.. Almost making Hasekura be such a jerk in my eyes for making the cute lil Kensuke's crying and all...

But sometimes dense could really be annoying bcz even when Kensuke's feeling like ...
he still doesn't understand what it truly means...  
I mean... how much more do you need for you to realize that it's LOVE..??

Ja... what's gonna happen when Hasekura spell the word for him then...? 
Enjoy the vid..!! 💋💋💋

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

ҥіᴛᴏғוјімᴇ воӱfᴙוӛиᴅ part 3

Wazzup Guys!!

Woah... it feel like so long without your usual Wednesday's break... I'm sorry.. well... sometime life just busy... in reality (working n stuff) and also in fantasy (more reading..!!) 😁😁😁
But I'm sure that neither of you guys are short in enjoying any sweet here, right..? You can just check out our list which has been arranged according to the date release from oldest (at the bottom) to the newest baby (at the top line) 👌👌👌

But now.. please clear your mind from the long list of the sweet we got, and lets talk about today's track.. Well.. what else do you think gonna happen when Kensuke follow Hasekura back to his home..??? And what else to talk about?? 😤😤😤

This...? ⇓⇓⇓

Or this...? ⇓⇓⇓

Well... how about BOTH..?  😉😉😉
Enjoy ur break!! 💋💋💋

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Ĵōōũ ŧō Ŝĥĩŧăŧėŷā M+CD

[From YaoiOtaku] It is said that if you wear the suits from that store situated at the antique street, SHIDA, you will achieve success.During a break in his work, interior designer Jouno Oumi visits the store and meets a frightening and blunt man. He is the legendary tailor, Shida. Seeing the appearance of Shida who takes pride in his work, Oumi begins to feel a longing for the man, and an attraction starts to form...This is a love story between an obstinate interior designer and a hard-faced man.

Mangaka: Scarlet Beriko
Murata Taichi x Shingaki Tarusuke
Released: 2016.09.30 
P.S. This is a selfish request of mine and  of a person who did something to make my BDAY a lil more special than it alread is... ahhah! I hope u enjoy my newest choice... It took me time decicin.. +Cold Blood Kissy  knows how many times I changed idea ahahha, it's only that I have so many fabulous projects /ideas I want to do, that I get confused ahahha!
Now, I chose this one for the reason above and also coz this mangaka was still missing in my collection... and coz as those who knows her special touch/read her mangas, she is famous for creating girly seme and masculine uke... not my type of stories... u should get now after all this time I'm not into any form of revehersal... well... I wanted to wait and give it a try! Still part n. 1 but I like the cast... the "uke" voice is so deep that made me forget what I was doing and why alot of times.. ahhaha, the art is sooooo good! This mangaka never fails one! She draws so clean and simple but pretty erotic at the same time! As always enjoy the video and see ya next weekend!
P.S. dont mind the beginning song... I found myself with that lately... it's such a powerful and romantic one... I listen it everyday... and makes me think to +Cold Blood Kissy  I dont know why... I simply have this in mind... I downloaded it in my usb... imagine me screaming it in the car while driving... yeah...