Friday, 2 June 2017

Ɖāǩǎřėŧāī ŏŧŏĸŏ ĭćħī ŋī ōdōśāŕĕŧē ĭmāšu M+CD

"I'll make it so your body's unable to forget mine."
Saijou Takato's 5 year reign as the "Most Desirable Man No. 1"?? has been snatched. Stealing his thunder is the newbie actor with a 3-year debut, Azumaya Junta! Towards the stuffy hostile Takato, Azumaya's sincere sparkling smile starts to become effective. Even as Takato sets his alert level on MAX, Azumaya catches Takato in his shameful drunken state and uses it to blackmail him! In exchange for Azumaya's silence, Azumaya states, "Please let me hold you"'?! "Embrace me, who was the Most Huggable No.1? What the heck is he saying!" --(From starry sky scans)
Thus starts the romantic journey of two stars under the limelight.

Mangaka: Sakurabi Hashigo
Release date: 2015/05/06
𝄞 Ono Yuki as Azumaya Junta 𝄞
𝄞 Takahashi Hiroki as Saijou Takato 𝄞

Video maker's note
Hello, I'm Ringo Aoiro.
I recently joined the DreamingYaoiStudio. I wanted this manga to have Manga+Blcd for so long, and since I had some free time I decided to make it. I'm a student and a fujoshi, I also like shoujo and anime... But mostly I'm into Yaoi stuff 😉 I also like songs, from all languages, so look forward to listening to intro songs from various languages. I'll put the name of the song in discription, so you can find the ones you like easily.

I'm a big fan of this manga and Sakurabi-sensei's work. Not only because the art but also her stories are very good (I'm addicted to this manga already)... And good smut... Hahah XD

The story is sweet and fluffy even though they start a little abruptly.
(You can see how Junta started loving Takato in manga volume 3. It's dedicated as Flashback volume, the events that happened BEFORE Volume 1 chapter 1)

It's my first Manga+Blcd and I don't have any experience, also I did everything on my phone, so I hope the video is good.

I worked very hard on this one.
I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did,
Enjoy the video 😊😘🤗

Link to the video



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  1. EROTIC! I can't wait for more! :d

    1. I know right? I thought that too! And the better still need to arrive ahaah! Anyway, I'm waiting too!!!!

  2. Hi Ringo!
    For a first-timer and doing everything using your phone, it is perfectly done! Thank you so much, I love this series. Keep it coming! ^_^

    1. I know right? I told her the same. I'm always amazed by people who decides to start doing videos, coz I cant avoid comparing me to them! And woooow looking at my first approach, this is better! ahah! I dont remember if my first one was Wild Rock or Leopard Hakusho CD1, maybe both at the same time!?! Mah! Anyway I love this manga, so we should wish her good luck with it!
      Hope to watch something new soon ;)

  3. will you continue this soon? or is it end only after the 3rd video? :(

  4. I just saw it....beautiful....I really hope you can continue with more

  5. I saw the 3rd video was deleted from Youtube? :(
    Is it possible to get it re-uploaded somewhere? Maybe just having the file on zippyshare or a google doc or something? Or maybe on "openload" like some of the other M+CD's from this blog? I


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