(in arriving order):

Terebi-kun no Kimochi - Diana Suàrez Cazalla
Virgin Star - Lucia Verdeblue*  - Kissy list

Mauri to ryuu -  (waiting for eng translations)
Kozure ookami (+sequel Ookami No Ketsuzoku) - Minyaré and Fluffy Kitty*   - Kissy list

Hey Class President - Himawari Hima and Lala (already done)
Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla - Micchix and TJ and Cucuslucus (already done)

Kemono wa Ai de, Iyasareru, Junai no Seinen, Oboreru Kemono no Koibito - Ellie

Free Punch - Light  *problems witht he CD (if u can provide it, it would be great!)*

Toshigoro no Otokonoko to Are - Aillice 

Mou Ichido Nande Demo - Wes Baker

Itadakimasu, gochisousama - himemitsu & Shayla - Kissy list
Koisuru Intelligence- Skylina & Just-kimchii
Kikoeru?! -  Grea! (Kyo-chan is working on freestyle lines sending me translations!)

Dakaretai otoko ichi imasu - Ringo Aoiro *ongoing here*
Kashikomarimashita, Destiny  - Clémentine Druz  *ongoing here*


 :iconluvluvplz:      +Cold Blood 's LIST:

Please DO NOT share my videos. NO sharing through Dailymotion/Youtube/ upload anywhere etc...The only place where they have to stay is HERE...These stories are considered ADULT in nature and will contain explicit content in regards to male x male relationships. If you find homosexual relationships offensive OR if you are not of legal viewing age in your area, please do not view them. THANK YOU!

Don't speak bad of me behind my back if I find you didnt' follow these simple rules!
You were be warned by me here! Whatever your reasons may be, the existense of this blog may depends on it!  Doing these videos took alot of time and efforts and even if none asked me or forced me to do this! (On the contrary none can force me to stop doing them... ) still due the fact it was my time and my efforts I should be aware of where and if it's ok these works to be shared. Doing the opposite may bring this blog to shut down definitely so just don't!
Be a truly yaoi lover and enjoy these videos here without sharing them pubblicly or within an audience not yaoi lover! Being aware means being safe!
Thank u for the cooperation!


  1. i love the warning and rules. i really hope that all will obey for the sake of your HARDWORK and GOODWILL. i really don't want to hang in my HAPPINESS😊 i love the old and new blog you created. thank you so much Roby and Kissy Dear😉

  2. i just read your response to my IKE REIBUN mangaka request. anyone is fine as long as you enjoy doing it. also, the KARADA is my long time request and i am do please that you maje it come through. i appreciate your effort so much. pleasd stay strong and happy

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  4. HI Roby, long time no talk, wanted to thank you for making vf, hope there is still some more to come. i see you have koisuru boukun in your list, Cherry Otaku as made cd 1 to cd 6 part 9 on youtube, just wanted to help, cause i know its a long story to do. i dont know if there is other cd to finish the story, it would be great cause with vf, its in my to five story that i like. thanks

    1. Hi Mireille! You cant imagine how I appreciate your help! I had another great supported who always helped me telling/advicing projectes were already or in progress by others! So it was easy to take notice about this! So thank you for that!
      Also, I wrote the wrong title, you mademe just realize! Skylina asked for Koisuru Intelligence! I dont know why I signed Koisuru Boukun instead! Made a mess again ahahahhah!I will correct it! Thanks thanks thanks! And I should be the one be thanking you for that! And for your patience too! I will share one track once in a while among the ongoing ones (hopefully!) :))

    2. Hi , its mireille again, i wanted to know if its possible to continue Koisuru Boukun, if there are cds to continue it, even if you dident start it. THANK YOU.

    3. I already tried to contact Cherry Otaku on her Tumblr blog, but I had no reply and she seems not so active lately. I'm not sure I can do a so long project right now! And even if I have the right to share someone else videos (considering that Sarah Tsuda's ones got maybe flagged the moment after I posted them here even if they were online since 4 years), I'm not sure I would do it.
      I'm responsable of my work here already, and I dont want to ruin someone's efforts! Especially if they are not active anymore! We'll see!

  5. HI ROBY!!!!! i'm so happy for this blog to be active again YAYYY!!!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUU

  6. Hi hi Roby-Chan and Kissy-Chan~~~ I was wondering if you lovely ladies would consider putting Bokura No Mitsudomoe Sensou on your to do list. I remember seeing a video or two of this a while ago but it was only the smexy hot scenes and while that's good and all, I would love to listen to the whole story. Thank you as always my sweets~ Bye-bee~

    1. Oh oh! I remembered this one only after looking at the cover! Yeah, I think I've watched this ones years ago on Youtube but I dont remember who made the project! If it's not online complete anymore I dont mind at all doing it! A sexy suggestion hihihi!
      Thank u! :)

    2. truly sweet n sexy request... i still enjoyed it most of my alone time.. ahahhahha

  7. Thanks for your hard work! This blog is awesome as always ^^
    I have a request, please do Kurui Naku Naru wa Boku no Ban
    I really love this omegaverse story as much as Kashikomarimashita, Destiny.
    Thank you very much ^^

    1. Hello! Hello! I think u are calling for Kuro chan!!!! She is the omegaverse expert here ahahha! I mean, she already deicded to edit that one too! Of course after she ends Kashikomarimashita Destiny! But u made truly a good request, alot of people in the group are excited to see it! And of course I am not among them..... ppffffffffff! =))

    2. Whoa! Seriously?! I'm sooo looking forward to it!! ><

  8. hello i am so happy i found your blog again kyaaa its my heaven hehe. BTW i know this is the comment section and i am still trying to figure out how the new blog works but i was wondering if i can make a request here for a drama cd from a manga i read it is called Nani Ka Ii Mitsuketa! i found some of the drama cd parts on youtube but not one that is finished so if you can that would be awesome if not that is fine too!! keep up the good work!!!