(in arriving order):
Chiisana koi no melody - Ayu / Charlie 
Mujihi na karada - Ayu / Ly-chan

Terebi-kun no Kimochi - Diana Suàrez Cazalla
Tsuyogari - Kami (In Cold Blood list)

Virgin Star - Lucia Verdeblue

Mujihi na Otoko - Marlene 
Hana to usagi- (by bimyou kun and darryl pentz on youtube)
Mauri to ryuu-
Kozure ookami (+sequel Ookami No Ketsuzoku) - Minyaré and Fluffy Kitty

Hey Class President - Himawari Hima and Lala (by risa-chan on dailymotion)
Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla - Micchix and TJ and Cucuslucus (by sarahtsuda on dailymotion)

Kemono wa Ai de, Iyasareru, Junai no Seinen, Oboreru Kemono no Koibito - Ellie
Free Punch - Light
Toshigoro no Otokonoko to Are - Aillice
Mou Ichido Nande Demo - Wes Baker
Itadakimasu, gochisousama - himemitsu & Shayla
Koisuru Boukun- Skylina
Kikoeru?! -  Grea! (Kyo-chan is working on freestyle lines sending me

BrotherXBrother - SCARLET

Joou to Shitateya


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Please DO NOT share my videos. NO sharing through Dailymotion/Youtube/ upload anywhere etc...The only place where they have to stay is HERE...These stories are considered ADULT in nature and will contain explicit content in regards to male x male relationships. If you find homosexual relationships offensive OR if you are not of legal viewing age in your area, please do not view them. THANK YOU!

Don't speak bad of me behind my back if I find you didnt' follow these simple rules!
You were be warned by me here! Whatever your reasons may be, the existense of this blog may depends on it!  Doing these videos took alot of time and efforts and even if none asked me or forced me to do this! (On the contrary none can force me to stop doing them... ) still due the fact it was my time and my efforts I should be aware of where and if it's ok these works to be shared. Doing the opposite may bring this blog to shut down definitely so just don't!
Be a truly yaoi lover and enjoy these videos here without sharing them pubblicly or within an audience not yaoi lover! Being aware means being safe!
Thank u for the cooperation!


  1. i love the warning and rules. i really hope that all will obey for the sake of your HARDWORK and GOODWILL. i really don't want to hang in my HAPPINESS😊 i love the old and new blog you created. thank you so much Roby and Kissy Dear😉

  2. i just read your response to my IKE REIBUN mangaka request. anyone is fine as long as you enjoy doing it. also, the KARADA is my long time request and i am do please that you maje it come through. i appreciate your effort so much. pleasd stay strong and happy


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