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Ûđāĝāŵāĉħōū đē ΜάϮϮεϮε уѳ M+CD


While walking around the streets, Momose stumbled upon his classmate cross-dressing as a girl. Ever since then, he couldn’t help but to take notice of him in school…

💟 Author:  Hideyoshico
💟Released: August 28, 2013 
💟 Cast:
                                                         Hatano Wataru x Ono Yuuki

So... should I start saying I had this awesome news since a while now... but I was waiting till this girl was ready to share this awesome project with me..ehm... cough cough with all of us!
I think u all remember Marinela = alias kabbi, she was one of those videomakers who used this blog to share projects she loves... And when I received her email where she wrote she was working on something I would have loved ... leaving me in a bit (just a bit) of suspance... well... I was literally jumping on my chair in my room! My mom loves me already so she try to not notice how strange I can be sometimes... her love for me is stronger ahahhaha anyway.... I have to confess I've never finished to read this story... if u ask me the reason... I dont know what to answer.... And listening the drama cd makes it good so why I've never finished!???! Mah.... About this, I was excited for 3 reasons
💥 It was so long since I exchanged advices and suggestions with u +marinela solar  that the surprise make it woderful for me!
💥 This managaka was missing here so a total new.... and u know how excited I am everytime I face something new!
💥 This blog never hosted a crossdresser theme story... so it's a news even under this aspect too!
Thanks for the help for managing all of this! It's not easy but I can do it with all these hands! And I never say no to helper soooooo! Arigatou my great girls!
Then credits are in the video description, videomaker, free lines translations and scans... Hope u will enjoy this as much as I did... Sorry I couldnt wait and helped myself watching this....

P.S. 2  Blogger introduced emoji/special characters .... so let's leave my creativity free to go wild with them ahahhha

Ûđāĝāŵāĉħōū đē ΜάϮϮεϮε уѳ M+CD:
1  -  3  -  4  - 6  -  7



:)) :d :p :(( :) :( :-? [-( :-o :-t :-ss b-( @-) =))
  1. Hideyoshico! I love her stories. Thank you so much.

  2. Wow Marinela u back? U BACK? Plus, with a project like this? Thank you for your project! And thanks to all the girls here! You are great!

    - loli

  3. Sooo much fun doing this! And yeah i guess i'm gonna be around again haha! Thank you gals and guys for sharing our passion! As usual our seiyuus are so much fun! Thanks roby-chan for allowing me to work with you. Cheers!!!

  4. Wah!! Thanks for this proyect guys!!! I can't believe you didn't finish reading it Roby-chan. Personally, it's on my re-read list (I love Hideyoshico's cutesy drawing style) and I watched the live action (after waiting "patiently" for it's subtitled version).
    Love you lots!!
    P.S: Nice new header, if only it got a drama cd T_T

    1. Yeah me neither... the guy (future seme) is cute in some ways ahahah I really dont understand it myself ahhaha! Well thanks marinela I will enjoy and discover I made a big mistake ahaahha!
      Oohhh so it was tru there was a live action... I found so many pics about 2 real actors that I got curious? Do u recommend this live action version?
      P.S. That mangaka should deserve more more moreeeee attention under this point of view ahhahah! :)

    2. roby the video was broken......or taken down by someone? i'm so sad :(

  5. Yes to live action! They did good. But hatano wataru was sooo funny is the bully who was sooo clueless he's bullying ono yuuki haha

  6. Guys thanks for this heaven! I love this manga sooooooo ❤❤❤! I read here that there is a movie of this? Is there a place I can watch it?!?! Please tell me������������

  7. i'm sorry but the video was taken down....T^T how can that be happening????? T^T

  8. Dear Roby, the videos are still down and removed. Will this be re-upload again soon?

  9. Hellooo!! Video 5 has been removed T.T pls reup!!!!!!

    1. Hi! Thanks for making me notice! I re uploaded that part! Enjoy :)


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