Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Ņøŧ Ęqų㣠part 3

Wazzup Guys..!!!

Busy week..? Take a break..!! Your regular Wednesday's order is here..!!  ^^

Hurm... for this track... Ryou getting depresses over the situation, while working to earn some money for his daily life.. And.. he is totally a daddy's boy.. as you can see...  ^^
Konomi too are getting attached to him while trying to be friend and discovering the colour of Ryou's eyes.. hurm... let's just say.. their relationship are starting to get better... 
(tho it is not into the next level.. YET!!) eehhehhe
Well.. enjoy the track and stay tuned for more, kay..??!!   💛💛💛



:)) :d :p :(( :) :( :-? [-( :-o :-t :-ss b-( @-) =))
  1. Hehehe love this manga... I'm resisting to my desire to re read it again... I'll try my best��
    And wait for your videos
    Arigatou ������


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