Saturday, 22 October 2016

Ɣĭĕŵƒīnƌėř part 8

Hi minna!

Genki!??!?! Watashi wa genki desu! Wuaaaaa so long time for me to release a new video.... well.... did u miss me!?!??!?! Aahhahah ok ok no need to reply... something is better to never be told ahahhah! Now... First of all... +Cold Blood Kissy  u made me a wonderful surprise today... we had plans to start a bit later with today releases but I'm happy u couldnt see my pleased face when I logged in here aahhah my beloved Aoe san is with me again.... and I realized I missed him sooooo much! So thank u really! 
Second... about my own release... well... how to describe it..!?!??! Mmmmmm I should start saying I decided to put 2 tracks together on one video... YOu are probably asking why... yeah I dont do it often... Actually it's the opposite... I always prefer to leave the original size and number of tracks.... In order to explain the reason I could talk big and say I wanted to make u forgive me coz it's such a long time since my last video release (indeed I was so busy with re ups and blog settings, that I had a kind of what we can call the block of the writer (editor)....!!!!), BUT this is not the real reason.... I will tell the truth and say that the motive is more egoistic than it seems.... 
Once I started... I couldn't stop wanting to know/listen how did this end... The first original track (n. 5 of CD2) last 5 minutes or lil more... it's till Fei calls for help Asami in his mind... So I didnt wanted to stop with that cliffhanger... till next weekend... so for this irrational and pretty egoistic reason I decided to finish the CD 2 of this aweosome manga... Hope u will like it! The video made me descover details that I hadn't noticed when I read this story for the first time... For wxample I didnt realize that Fei was Tou real son... Really!!!
With this long video and the end of the CD2 I will take a lil break with Asami... All these problems I had and took me to create this new space left me a lil dry.... and with lees enthusiasm...Sorry.. I dont know how to explain well in english... but I need to change topic and work on something new... Like I need to charge my batteries... with new things... I will not drop this manga... but I have to work on another one... u know mood reflects on the video... If I'm not on it truly.... my videos will show that.... And Asami deserves the best of my mood.... Without precising that in CD3 we will follow Takaba again... Sooooo I will shut my mounth now and invite u for a date tomorrow! ahahahh 

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