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Ňōʙɵɗγ κnσϣѕ M+CD


Modoru, who works at a doll maintenance factory, has always admired his co-worker Susumu's courteous work on the dolls. One day, while only the two of them are working, Modoru is caught up by how kindly Susumu's fingers move. Noticing it, Susumu mumbles 'I want to do this to a living body', which leaves Modoru with a tingling feeling in his heart.

Mangaka: Shoowa
Release date:
Kawahara Yoshihisa X Okitsu Kazuyuki

P.S. This is a request of mine!!! I mean... I've always been curious about Shoowa sensei works... She is one of those artists I need to read one more time for getting the real meaning of some of her plots. Her art is not totally my type (who follows me since the beginning already got this!) BUT I wanted to have her in my collection too... I think I've seen other projects online of her mangas..some years ago! Dont know if they are still online, but there was one I truly loved (sexy to death, at least hearing it was an assured faint for blood lost.... Something about schoolmates... sorry I'm so bad with names....) But Gosh that was great too!
This manga is pretty deep... I loved the idea of people getting close and esperiment what love can give to us... or how it can change our lives! They started going out for a silly reason but will grow up with strong strings and will face obstacles together! (This is what I enjoy the most in a manga's plot). Ok... maybe I have an idea of love quite or too way romantic respect the reality... But well.... this is the way I am.... !
Enjoy this first chapter... And hope u will enjoy my choice!
The seme seyuu is ..... SEXY right!???!! Where did u hear it already!??!?! Hihiihihi

Ňōʙɵɗγ κnσϣѕ M+CD:  1.1  -  1.2 2  -  3



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    1. Yes it is! I'm terribly sorry for this! Another video will be out this week!

  2. Oh man, I absolutely love the seme seiyuu! I first heard him in the BL game sweet pool, he's also in the drama CD for that game. It's so great! Definitely came out in koisuru intelligence (him saying "Mao-chan" is gold!). He's also in the Sex Pistols OVA. I think he's in kuchizuke wa uso na aji (?), but he's not the main character. I swear, every time I see his name, I just HAVE to know what role he's doing cuz I just love his voice. It's such a shame that he's not in a lot of anime roles because I'm a huge fan of his work. In any case, thank you sooo much for taking the time to do this! I would love to try doing manga edits myself one day :3

    Fun fact: Kawahara Yoshihisa "voices" (I said "voices" cuz he mostly does grunts and yells rather than speaks lol) Volga in the video game Hyrule Warriors, which is awesome to me because I loooove the legend of Zelda franchise!

    1. Hello! Yeah this seyuu appearend in all the projects u named and many more! Great right!? I love that deep voice so I'm totally defeated by all this sexyness! Koisuru intelligence huh? Yeah I heard the drama CD and it sounds awesome (pure gold indeed!).
      Well, if u want to try editing I totally encourage u to do it! It's time taking, sometimes it's hard to deal with people who dont understand your point of view but words like yours are a totally win! They worth the efforts! Taking an active role in the Yaoi community, contribuiting to improve it not only as a reader/fan but sharing your own skills is always a good thing! Let give it a thought and a try...
      About the fun fact... I confess I'm not into games so I have absolutely no clue of what u are talking about! :-?
      ahahahah gomen FORGIVE ME!

  3. This was a really different and cute Manga. I loved the soundtrack on this one too XD! I wish I could find the music. Thank you for all your hard work on this project and in the future. Love you guys~ <3

    1. I knew u would like it too! Actually you are the one who make me focus on soundtracks more... Everytime I listened to it I thought about u! I know u wanted to know the title, I tried to get it for you, but no luck! Thanks for watching! :)

    2. Really?? I feel so honored~ :) They usually put piano pieces in the drama cd's so I always try to find them to learn them but I might just have to learn them by ear but that's always harder and I'm soooo lazy XDXDD! Thank you for trying though!~ <3 <3 :)) <--- that looks so wrong to me XD!!


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