Sunday, 16 October 2016

Ǩíḿí ǧȃ Ḱöí ṅí Ⓞchiŕũ M+CD

Painful, heartbreaking memories suddenly surface for Haru when he agrees to fill in as teacher for the high school archery club. In his youth, Haru was a brilliant archer who competed for the national championship. But uncontrollable urges for a male rival forced him to give up on his archery dream and run away from his true feelings. Now that he's back in the bow-and-arrow game, Haru becomes drawn to the brother of his long-lost love--and he must find out if desire has taken on a new, seductive aim... 

Mangaka: Takanaga Hinako
Release date: 2006
Susumu Chiba
Hiroshi Kamiya
Kouji Yusa

P.S. Hello minna!!!! Genki!???!? Well.... this is my first new serie post into this blog... oh well to be precise, videos are not edited by me personally but please let me say something first!
First of all thanks to +Cold Blood Kissy  videos about the sequel of this serie (I put the link so u can enjoy in the right order) some of u, like 
+YukiHime 90  and +Kazu -Chan asked to listen/watch this prequel videos! Well girls, I did some research and found an awesome edited version already made in dailymotion! Well... not to tell that when I saw who is the videomaker I was  pretty sure about the great quality of the editing and in reality I remember watching this once, time ago.(but I dont remember it well so I'm rewatching it again now! Probably I'm getting old!) I'm talking about +Mollie Leigh  videos! So I asked to her the permission of sharing her videos here, she agreeded so here I am!
So just some pratical info. I'm not the maker or the uploader so I cant change the tracks' order, u will realize that they are not in growing number order (track1-2-3-4-5) but in uploading order (track 5-4-3-2-1) Ok!?!?!!
Let's enjoy the new project!
Happy Sunday!!!



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  1. may i request sekaiichi hatsukoi?

    1. Helloooo happy u could reach me at the end! Sure u may! Actually it is a very long project and I think it's still an ongoing one. I think someone already edited that one... still need to find if these videos are still online safe! Let us check! We will let u know as soon as we know something! In the while, enjoy your stay!

  2. can you get "kimi ga koi ni ochiru" in youtube? plz

    1. Hello Drax! As I've told I'm not the maker/uploader of this project! What kind of problem do u have???

    2. I only could Download youtube, is there any way i could download "Dailymotio" ?

    3. yes there is.. I use this one.. Just click the link and take a look at the below and click on the dailymotion link.. http://en.savefrom.net/

      *hope this could help u.. ^^

  3. Thank you for sharing!! This had me feeling so much I couldn't even cry, I was just gaping at the monitor like an idiot lol. I'm off to read the manga now. I usually do this the other way around but something told me to watch this and it was worth it.


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