Saturday, 8 October 2016

Ċŕīmśōň Ŝρȇll M+CD

In order to protect his people from attacking demons, Prince Val uses a demonic sword and curses himself in the process. He leaves his kingdom to find a cure, and his search leads him to Hallwil, the person rumored to be the only one who knows how to break the curse. Hallwil agrees to help Val... for a price.

Mangaka: Yamane Ayano
Company: MOVIC
Harurein: Nojima Hirofumi          Mars: Terasoma Masaki
  Valdrig Alsvieth: Kondou Takashi              Halvir Hropter: Miki Shinichirou
    Ruruka: Miyata Kouki

CD1                                                                                           CD 2

P.S. I don't know what to say  except the fact that I'm the wrost mom existing on the earth face... Yeah I forgot 2 of my babies.... leaving them behind... Heartless, Useless, Careless and Unforgivable of me.... This couple is sooo sexy that I can't get how could I miss this one... Well... now that I noticed I re up this again.... the other one missing is....
well... u'll see in a next post... coz I need to work on it again (it was one of those projects completely flagged).

Ċŕīmśōň Ŝρȇll M+CD:

1  -  2  -  3  -  4  -  5  - 8  -  9  -  10 



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  1. R u thinking about continuing this manga and cd

    1. Hello to you too! I know you and some people are waiting for this since long time! GOMENNNNNN! :-ss I'm taking all the old requestes and starting to edit them, with the help of the other editors here! So I'm sorry for the wait but I'm asking you to wait a lil more for that! Anyway we will get some old work done!!! Hopefully!
      We are not so many hands here and we are pretty full both here and in real life, so we try to have the best compromise and do what we can the better we can! We would be faster if we had more hands or days longer than 24 h!!!!!!
      Thanks for your ask! :)

    2. Theres no rush take your time k

  2. there isn't any part 4

  3. The links to parts 4, 6, and 8 are down--the website says the videos have been removed. Would it be possible to fix them? Please and Thank you!

  4. now its 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 but it's been so long since the last person posted about this. is it not going to be fixed?


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