Friday, 14 October 2016

Ȟǐɱȃ Ńāńōđē Ħāĵīɱɛțɛ Mīɱɑșǔ M+CD

Amano Rintarou has taken care of Nakatsugawa Maki since they were kids. However, when they went to university together and Rintarou moved in with Maki, Maki find out that the idiot is in reality a perverted idiot!  How will he deal with this new side of Maki? Will he be able to still live with him and continue to take care of Maki now and forever?

Mangaka Sakyo Aya
Release Date: 2013.28.12
 Hatano Wataru × Nojima Hirofumi  

P.S. okkkkkk this time I'm pretty sure... well... I think... probably.... HOPEFULLY... this is the last manga in draft status I'm taking back to the light... Yup yup... gomen... I can make really a mess sometimes...  I said sometimes ok!?!?!!??! Hihihihihi
This project was one of the complete taken down... had to work on it again a little but here it is... ready for all of u! Ettoooo I tried to reply to the more number of mails possible about the new link but I still need to finish.. for those new here... welcome to Roby85m new website... Try to get used quickly to the new style.. even if I may still make some changes online... this is a new born blog so things I need to work on are really alot... so u can see different or new things everyday.. I just work on it a little when I have time..... BUT... with this I truly hope....and I'd love to....to start working on the editing... miss working on it.... and I think it's about time to stop with this forced holiday...
Guys see ya these days... soon with something new! HAPPY FRIDAY MINNA!

Ȟǐɱȃ Ńāńōđē Ħāĵīɱɛțɛ Mīɱɑșǔ M+CD:  1  -  2  -  3  -  4  -  5  -  6



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  1. thankz for the re Up. i love this young couple😀

  2. From the very beginning of this, I've knew that blonde guy is going to penetrate Rin's butt like hell and I was right!
    Good ~<3

  3. They are very cute!!! I love this manga!! ^_^


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