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ƁǿưƖãňġë ńō ĸõïƄĩtŏ M+CD

Asao Munenori gave up his dream to become a patisserie and returned to succeed his parents’ bakery. One day, one of his customers, the pretty Fujikawa Hijiri, fainted right in front of him. They probably already liked each other when they became friends. After a few days without seeing each other, the dense Fujikawa expressed his love honestly without realising it. After they became lovers, Asao was glad that his hesitation in giving up his dream turned out to be a fruitful one.

Author: 天禅桃子 (Tenzen Momoko)
Company: フィフスアベニュー (Fifth Avenue)
Release Date: 2011/04/27
浅尾宗規: 高橋広樹 (Takahashi Hiroki)   藤川聖: 野島裕史 (Nojima Hirofumi)
田辺: 遠近孝一 (Toochika Kouichi)     大沢: 小野友樹 (Ono Yuuki)
市村: 松本健太 (Matsumoto Kenta)      ヒロ: 浅野真澄 (Asano Masumi)
バイト: 三浦綾乃 (Miura Ayako)           藤川母: 神田みか (Kanda Mika)

ƁǿưƖãňġë ńō ĸõïƄĩtŏ M+CD:

1.1  -  1.2 2  -  3  -  4.1 4.2 5



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  1. Ok, why there is no other comments? This is probably the sweetest manga here!
    Tried of nasty porno - CDs?
    Your eyes are dried up from too many tears?
    BnoK is the best yaoi on this website, you can hear!

    Who is a seme and who is an uke - until the end you will not guess,
    because both gentlemen are cute and charming,
    and their voice actors are well performing.
    The art is simple but I could not care less.

    Believe me reader, angst you do not meet,
    while participating in this fluffy love.
    I have tried very hard to convince you with lines above,
    But I ended up with almost sonnet shit.

    1. wow.. u really love these two..!! and ur way of proving it is totally awesome..!! love ur saying..!! :)

    2. Your sonet is not shit, it's.... how to say... particular..ahahaha XD!
      Kiddin kiddin I've always read your reviews with curiosity coz it's always good knowing the reason a story impressed us more than the others! I'm the curious type about this!
      This project in particular is a sweet one, you know.. they met, they fell in love, they overcame some difficulties, they ended well and happy for the rest of their lives!
      I like this mangaka, not in my TOP 5, but it's always good reading something new of hers!
      The cast is well mixed too, it was surely a worth listen almost once! As always I love reading opinions sooooo arigatou!
      Have a good day!

      P.S. About your poetical skills.... ahahah!

  2. Some links are broken and/or black screens. Is there a way to fix them?

  3. 1.2, 2, 4.1 and 5 are down


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