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Ħīđōĸü Ŝħīňāîđē M+CD

Scholarship student Nemugasa will be expelled from school if he doesn’t bring up his grades on the next test. Driven into a corner, on a sudden impulse he cheats on the test. This is seen by one of his classmates, Maya. Nemugasa ends up having sex with Maya who threatens him with “You don’t want to get expelled, do you?” and yet…

Original Manga by  - Nekota Yonezou
Company:  - Frontier Works Daria CD
Released: 10/22/2008
Cast Vol. 1:
真矢: 寺島拓篤 Terashima Takuma
眠傘: 柿原徹也 Kakihara Tetsuya
彰: 羽多野渉Hatano Wataru

P.S. Thank you Emilym for requesting me! I hope you and ll the fans enjoy this!!!


Vol. 2
Release Date: 24/12/2014
Maya (cv. Terashima Takuma)
 Nemu (cv. Kakihara Tetsuya)
Akira (cv. Wataru Hatano)
Juuta (cv. Eguchi Takuya)

CD 1                                                                CD 2


Ħīđōĸü Ŝħīňāîđē M+CD 1: 1.1  -  1.2  -  2  -  3  -  4  - 5 (extra)

Ħīđōĸü Ŝħīňāîđē M+CD 21   -  2.1  -  2.2  -  3  -  4  -  5.1  -  5.2



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  1. I wish there were more cd drama for Hidoku Shinaide, because manga has already 6 volumes and this is only two of them (there are also a lot of official dj). This yaoi is one of my favourites. Maya is sexy as fuck, especially with black hair (from v.3 I think), Nemu is great example of uke with some personality, also very cute. The side characters are great, the voice acting is superb. And the art... well that's Nekota Yonezou work, everything is perfect. I totally recommend the yaoi, please read the other volumes and djs as well. This is TOP WATCH on this blog, believe me :)

    1. Did I already said I love your reviews ahahahha like the one made on Tumblr!!! Serioulsy thinking about asking for help for describing every manga's emotions!
      And yeah, this one is a MUST READ, I've enjoyed the recent extras out... totally loved them... and I really think it will be a CD3... Never stop hoping! Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  2. This is one of those managa's I wish they'd turn into a live action....think it could worker....I mean a little bit of semxi and there's enough for a serious storyline...start in the college years with flashbacks of high school....what do you thing Roby85m.

    1. Aahhahah are u making fun of me right!?!!? Are u a member of the group on facebook!?! =)) I'm asking coz I shared over there a news I read before about this manga getting an anime... somethin live... was pretty excited .... for discovering it was a fake news... I was sooooo disappointed!!!! Yeah!!! this manga could really works if animated! Who knows... dreams may come true soon or later ... !!!!

  3. Hello !

    I'm french so sorry for my bad english ><

    A problem with youtube, we can't see anymore the cd drama of this manga :/ Deleted account :/

    Oh, and thank you very much for all your work =)

  4. can you make it back??? please????

  5. I am korean , I am not good English. Please excuse me.
    I enjoyed watching the video clip.
    But this video doesn't sound audible.(vol.2)
    I don't know if it's just me.
    please check.Thank you for reading my comments!

  6. is it just me.. but the video cant be played..please help :(

  7. i've come back..and it still the same...:(

    1. Hello! They all work fine for me! It's on MegaUpload so it should be ok, I had no problems with this platform till now! You need to wait 5 seconds and then press the play button. The video should load without any issues!
      Let me know what kind of problems u have ok? Check if it's ur antivirus is blocking the loading.

  8. Natsu what are you doing here? And where are lucy? LMAO oky i stop.

  9. wow, everyone just seems to love this manga...you know, to each their own, but I had a hard time getting past the rape, blackmailing, emotional enslavement and gas lighting enough to really enjoy the pretty art and excellent story telling, so I thought, for anyone who 'doesn't' enjoy such things, there should be a comment about it. you can always remove it if you don't want negative comments, but I never would have bothered if I knew it was like that. I just don't find other peoples suffering all that entertaining.

    Great work on the edit as always ^-^

  10. Woooww i love this drama cd. Beesstt!!
    Great work n thank you for editing!!


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