Monday, 28 May 2018

Ķĩĸøéřü?! part 2

Hi minna!!!

Genki!?!!? Long long looooong time no see huh!?!?! Sorry for this long absence. As I shared into the fb group I had some problems with my old pc (where I have all my folders with yaoi materials and videos), it didnt open/load anymore coz it  could not find the hardisk. Everytime I pressed the ON button, it asked to insert the hardisk and load again, the only thing was I never touched my pc so I thought well here we are it is dead! So after a bit of consideration I decided to take it to one of my friends praying he could save me, I mean my pc ahahha! It took 2 minutes for him to get whats the problem was... (lucky me!) the hardisk was perfectly working just not connected well. only that... it was moving so freely when instead, it should be perfectly fixed and firm in its own space. my friend just put it in the right way, well connected and puffff my pc started working as it was nothing. 
I hate not being able to look for somthing so simple, but oh well we use to say everyone is pretty good into his own job, not on everything. (I'm trying to confort myself!). It works since some days but still I'm checking which links I need to fix, so thanks for the comments here and there. even kay sent me an image with the list of  dead ones. I will try my best as always!
For now, I'm sharing here another part of the project I have ongoing! I'm happy I had alot of response with it! I have always liked this story, pretty romantic, and I love fluffy things! Yuno san acts like a spoiled child, Itsuki is so precious! 
Enjoy the video!
See ya!



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  1. The link doesn't work, can You fix it? :)


  3. It works for me too. Maybe your antivirus?

  4. Hello Roby dear! Welcome back and thank you for the new release! I'm sorry to hear about your computer troubles, but it's good that everything turned out okay! Take care!


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