Sunday, 14 January 2018

Ńēōň Ŝīġŋ ĂɱƄȅɍ part 5

Hi minna!!!

Genki??? I'm ok! Sorry sorry sorryyyyyy for this late update! I know for sure that +Cold Blood Kissy is waiting for me to complete this project in order to enjoy it finally (she likes to watch my videos once the whole work is done), and to punish me coz I'm taking too long she is making me wait for the one I prefer the most among those in her list ahahahha! DEVIL HONNA!!!! ahah
Anyway, nothing in particular happened for me to be so late for it, simply I was to my bro's house for Christmas and once I came back I needed to take care of some unfinished work at my office.
Plus, as lot of you noticed many links are dead. Sorry, it's totally my fault! I mean, I'm new with Openload since till now I've only used Youtube and Dailymotion and Vimeo for a few period ( a good one, only that it's not working for some world's area). Being new in something means being ignorant about how things works so I didnt think I needed to convert all of them again before uploading. Now I learnt I needed ahaha! I will use cherrystream, and I will do what I can, but as u can imagine this is a big, Big BIG work to do. I'm not talking of 20 or 30 videos (that number is already a pain to take care about), I'm talking about over 450 videos. Sorry... this will not be a fast recover. I decided to take my time, and see how things go with some of new tricks I thought. 
For the rest, I'm sharing here the last part of the main story between Ogata kun and Saya chan! Futile to say I'm totally in love with this story and how it ends! The way they confessed each other is so sweet and caring! But as the competent audience as you are here, you should remember there is still an extra.... yeah a gnammy one hihihihi!
Enjoy the video and as always thanks for everything!



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  1. How about using Google Drive? I'm not sure how it works but ...I think Google Drive is more flexible? I mean about the video format.

    Btw, Thanks always for the wonderful videos!!!! :)

    1. Hiii! Long time no see! Hope you are doing fine!
      According my experience (short one with it) Google D. has 2 kind of limits. The first one is the limited number of viewers that can watch something at the same time; the second one the limited space. With files like videos (big ones), it's not the right solution and I cant forget you can flag/report so basically the same as Youtube and Dailymotion for me. I know the it's only my matter but most of problems for me came due the flags/reports. They almost affected this blog existence (through the google acc. I used to open and create it). So I truly need to look for alternatives. For some side more annoying from the users point of view. but safer from the uploader point of view. But as much as I can know, I still remain ignorant about alot of managing things, so I think we found a good solution but I still need to get alot! :)

  2. Robyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!! As promise I'm here after finishing my exams !!! And damn it was so hard to hold back from coming with all the good stuffs out !! But I'm happy to be able to enjoy a lot now ~ And so Neon Sign Amber is the first !!! I love this story so much !!! Saya is so precious I can't take it !! *o* Well.... Now that they made out, I'm waiting for the yummy stuff ~~~ >___> 8D Thanks as always !!

  3. I love your work, i been trying to watch the chapter 5 of Neon Sign Amber but it won't load. Could you please download it in another website please!! Thank you and have a great day! ^_^

  4. ROBY DON'T YOU BE FORGETTING ME XD YOU KNOW I'VE BEEN YELLING AT YOU TO FINISH THIS XDDD But since i knew where you were I tried to be patient... didn't stop me from rambeling about how much i love this in our team's chat XDDD idk i you read that though since u were gone TT.TT but oh well it's finally here again aaaaaaaaah! XD

  5. Hi ROBY! I'm so glad to see that you're back! Thank you for the "Final" part of this wonderful main story line! I cannot wait for the extra! Please take care.


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