Monday, 2 October 2017

Fujoshis real meeting diary!

Hi minna!

Genki!?!? Woooow I'm really late for this post! Sorry I wanted to write here yesterday but I went out so I had no time to post all I wanted the way I wanted! Soooo even if I still need to enjoy +Cold Blood Kissy  new release (God bless u my darling!) I still want to share my experience about the real meeting with some fujoshis I knew here through this blog!
I will be short I promise.... believe me! 
I had my yaoi holiday for a week... from sunday 17 to sunday 24 of September!
Day 1
My flight was late in the afternoon, around 19.30 and I arrived at Paris Airport early than the scheduled time, around 22.30 (2 hours from Italy to France!). Marina was not still there to pick me, in my opinion she tried to leave me at the airport, but that's all another story ahahahha!
She arrived after a quarter more or less, and I was simply frozening ahaha! Coz u know,  here where I live I had something like 35° and when I arrived in Paris I had something like 9° to greet me in the awesome France... so u can imagine my shock... not only in temperatures ahaha!
Lucky me and while I had Marina guiding me speaking at the phone we could finally meet and go home! So her plan to leave me in the airport failed!!!! We arrived home and she showed me her sweet home! And her cute 2 cats, I loved them since the first moment, but it seems that these feelings are not shared by them... Anyway we ate together, she made me curry... and we started to know each other in person ahaha, u know, it feels pretty odd at the beginning... I dont know how to say... but even if u talk with a person for long online, at first, there is always that sort of embarassement when all is in reality! A great sensation tho... we have something in common after all ahhaha! 
But an awesome copy of Hidoku Shinaide manga (kindly lent by Clementine!) was awating on the table near my bed ahahah! Just so great, a Paradise!
Days 2
So Marina had everything planned for our week toghether ( a great plan ;) )! Since I love history and she knows that, she made me start vising my first Castle! "Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte" (just google it, it's awesome!). I enjoyed it alot, the history and the legends behind it, everything was just wonderful!
Days 3
Versailles! And over there everything was just glorious and shining! I cant stop loving history and castles and imagine life in those times! It's intriguing right!??! for me at least!!!
Versailles, was magnificient! The weather was not so good, a bit of rain and a cold wind, but yeah it was great!
Versailles was the king's house, so u can imagine how luxurious it is! Well, to visit it u need a full day at least, and we walked sooooo much ahah! Both the palace and the gardens are very big! About the Palace, I was pretty surprised to know that they loved sleeping seated... yup, they were used to sleep seated, coz they were sure that if they tried to lay down on a bed, the blood wouldnt reach the brain so they could have died during the night... odd right!??!?! So beds were nothing more than big chair sofà! Ahhaha not much confortable after all!
All the rooms were filled with luxury and taste, and the "Mirrors room" was breathtaking! Both Marina and me noticed that Versailles and Paris, in general is full of Asian tourists! Korean and Chinese/Japanes above all!
 The Gradens were awesome and an endless piece of land... woooow, I cant imagine all of them, nobility men or women walking for so much everyday... we were pretty distructed at the end of the day... like zombies ahahha!
Lucky us, Haru and Ren (OVA 2) kept us company till we slept like babies! Yup, it's pretty cool watchin something yaoi with someone else... u dont stop laughin, me for sure ahah!
Day 4
We slept till late coz one of my surprised Marina made for me was, to meet another fujoshis over there. I'm very proud of myslef when I think that thanks to what I did/do some people met and become friends. I may be pretty sentimental, but I think I did great! Anyway we went to Paris, had luch (my first japanese food in my life.. so so... I dont remember the menu name but the chicken was pretty good!) went to pick Clementine out of her school and finally met with her too! I found a sweet, cute and funny girl! that made me do something for the first time in my life... we went skating on ice... like Yuri on ice... without Yuri but with me... so something like Roby on ice... I fell down but in a coll way tho... ahaha! And we had a lot aloooot alloooooot of fun! They are pretty good at it, Clementine was like a pro and Marina is like she did this since she is born...TSK... me, instead, I needed an helper, and object that helps u to stay up.. they are used to give this to babies.... but that day even babies made fun of me and my cute helper.... I defended him... it was pretty cute! I was pretty scared, and my life was in danger, but an handsome teacher come and helped me in making the full turn of the ice space... woooow he was with me and all other women over there, looked at me with hate, coz ùI was keeping the teacher all for myself... hihihi HE WAS MINE! I siad Hi to Clementine thinking that was the last time for me to see her... stupid of me ahhaha!
A great day!
Day 5
Marina had some appointements she couldnt miss in the afternoon, so we went to meet Clementine and eat the frist sushi of my life... well.... how to say... it's not that I didnt like it... it's just, I thought I would have liked it more... I loved the fried dishes anyway.... very ganmmy! Both of them instead, truly love sushi... Tsk....! After, I went to meet her parents till she was done with her papers! Her mom is an awesome person! Epsecially when Marina told her, roby does not speak french so please try to remember... All I got, was a whole afternoon in french, and we made it greatly... ahahha Google translator I LOVE U! We went home in late afternoon and watched a movie in her awesome sofà.. I miss it already... and Netfilx... a great invention! She wanted an horror movie but nooooo! 
Day 6
what can I say... Disneayland is a due stop when u are in Paris... I was excited and curious about seeing everything! A great and full of emotions day....! I think I will remember it as one of the scariest one of my life..... I truly thought to die, I'm honest!
We did some of the attractions, not all coz people inside there are soooo much, and u have no enough time for doing all of them in one day... but we managed to survive... I managed to survive... and Im very proud of it... Marina told me I didnt not even scream... it was coz I had no force to scream... I was so scared that I really thought about diing there... Seriously, if u have a weak heart think twince before entering in the attraction I posted here....
Few seconds of terror...
Agh... but it feels great if u like the sensation of falling down very fast!
Yup.... great... yeah...
At the end of day, very scared tired but happy we went home, and over there Clementine was waiting for us just near Marina's house door! Another suprise! We ate together (the raclette, AWESOME dish!) and stayed together all the night... it was funny and I will remember that night as the best of the whole trip! Too much laugh!

Day 7
Again in Paris, coz it's so big and beautiful that a whole week only over there wouldnt be enough to visit it all! Went by train we visited The Tour Eiffel, Monmatre and The Arch of Triumph! I wanted to visit more, but I didnt think there would be so much time of wait for security controls and stuff! Form over there all Paris view is breathtaking... Not because of the Tour itslef, but coz from above there, u seems to have that city in ur arms! Beautiful is the only thing I could think over there...
But Monmatre is something better than that! I mean, they say it's the artist quartier and yup, there were singers and a lot of people over there! Paris at night is good too! I love city view at night! It's romantic! Maybe coz I dont have it in my small town, so I'm interested in night views of cities, I always want to go to an high place and admire city from there for alot of time...!
And very tired we went home!
Day 8 (the last one)
We went walking in a forest close by Marina's sis home. It was such a good sensation! Fresh air, cold coz it was early in the morning, and walking was not so bad!!! I enjoyed it! But even if I had consumed some calories... well... that bread with butter helped me to forget it ahahah! So good!
It was almost lunch time when we went back home, in order for me to do my luggage again and go to the Ariport again! Well, as all the farewell, especially when u had a good time..., leaving someone is always difficult... but, we finally come to meet and it was just too great! I had a lot of my firsts over there... sushi, skate, Paris, Tour Eiffel, Raclette, netfilx... alot of things will always remain in my heart!
I need to say thank you to these 2 girls who made me enjoy this week so much! They are good people and they deserve everything their heart wish, coz they work hard for that! I will return the favor I promise!
sooooo I will stop for now... ahaha it was not too long right?!?!
I hope to be able to run this blog normally from the next week! 
See ya soon!



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  1. 😘😍😍 looks like you really had a great time in Paris.. wish i can be there someday..and i wish that i can meet with you too.. 😚😚😚

    1. Yeah! She organized it so well! Even if Paris is so big and full of beautiful things that not even a whole week is enough to visit it all! And about meeting.. why not?!?! :d

  2. Replies
    1. Yup, we had a blast! I didnt think I could enjoy time so much! It surprised me!

  3. I think that what you did is simply great! Meeting for real seems awesome!!!!

    1. Ouh! thank you! I think the same! I never thought I could do it! But yup! Metting was the best!

  4. Fun times in Paris! Awesome! Thanks for sharing! Glad you had fun Roby!

    1. Thanks u dear! Yup I had to share, coz I promised to someone I would have done it! And a promise is a debt!
      Paris is awesome! So beautiful! I didnt see much coz there were too many people and I need tome to see monuments and stuff, but yeah, a great experience! :)

  5. My my.... I didn't see this post I'm so ashamed !! :-O
    I'm so happy you enjoyed your trip this much and I was also overjoyed to finally be able to meet you !!! I wanted to spend more time together but well... for sure another time !! Life is short but not that short not to be able to meet few times !
    The ice skating session was so much fun ! You did very well (the teacher said it as well yeah ;-D ) and watching those jealous girls was hilarious too x'D
    Tiring week, more for you girls than for me but I'm really glad than you went home with so many good memories ! 😄
    You're a sweet girl as well Roby, all the moments we spent together will remain in my heart forever <3 <3 <3 Love youuuuuu


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