Thursday, 3 August 2017


Dear Kay,
I swear it's not like we forgot about how special this day is! But we really were in doubt founding something "appropriate" for u!!!! ahahahha! I want to use my blog to let u know that I still cant really say alot of sentimental things, since u joined not long ago our group, and since being sentimental means u need to really feel what u say, it would be not right say only empty or circumstances words! BUT I can tell that since the first day +Cold Blood Kissy  introduced u into the staff group u took ur particular touch in it! Your skills of course too! Wihtout u, my precious translator, we could not help much around, coz now that u help here, I can really tell we are better now! Skills apart, u bring irony, strong will, some perv moments in our chats (I will never see a banana the same anymore!!!) and sometimes a very arguing personality with u! But everything helps confront, help to improve too! So many thanks for being here! ARIGATOU!
So said, +Cold Blood Kissy  made something so wee fitted with ur feelings ahahha!
Hope u had a wonderful day, spent with people u love, ur cute lil bro, ur mom, ur dog and all ur family! Dont overdo anyway ahahah! I think I can talk in stand for all of us +Cold Blood Kissy  +Yukuroo クロオ +Ringo Aoiro  and Kyo chan, wishing u once again

video edited by +Cold Blood Kissy ... the music is mine ahahahha (I mean it's the song I sing under my shower ahahah!) Enjoy!



:)) :d :p :(( :) :( :-? [-( :-o :-t :-ss b-( @-) =))
  1. :(( YALL ARE TOO SWEET TO MEEEE I LOVE YOU SO MUUUUUCH * literally tears in eyes in real * OH NO. SEME'S SHOULDN'T CRY * b-( @-) okay. Okay I'm good now. Since I started translating for you guys, through some rough times ( especially with my operation ) you stood by my side and you were all very helpful all the time. We laugh together a LOT and there are also some lesser moments. BUT WHICH GROUP OF FRIENDS DOESN'T, RIGHT? :) :p I hope we'll have a loooot of fun moments from now on as well and as you all can see in our back peeks, WE DO HAVE A LOT. Now to end it all off..... http://prntscr.com/g4ftul :d

    1. :) ofc we are sweet...! we r nothing but sweet... :d

      *roby... there's a banana..! =))

  2. Belated happy bday! Thanks for everything you do girls!


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