Monday, 31 July 2017

801 Celebration poll result!

Hi minna!!!

So here I am to show u the result of our newest poll... well as +Cold Blood Kissy  wrote we asked u to chose one of her options in order to enjoy a full project for the yaoi day!
Now we have done it 3 times already this is gonna be the 4° but still if there are readers out there that are wondering what's yaoi day or why it is the 01 of August here u are with a short expalantion!

When one writes "801", it can be read as "yaoi".
8 - comes from "ya" in the japanese number "8", when read as 'yattsu'.
0 - comes from the roman letter "O."
1 - comes from the "I" in the japanese number for "1", 'ichi'.

The word can be thought of as shorthand, or a code word for yaoi.
So here u can easily get the reason why all fujoshis should celebrate this day! Now, in reality and if I have to be honest at 100% honest, we couldnt be ready for it this year coz I'm stuck in re ups like hell! I dont ever remember when it was the last time I did something new. Coz lately the freetime I have I dedicate to pick some manga to upload, do my personal stuff and going back to my pc to see if everything is ok! Depending on my net speed I truly wish to be online and in great form soon! but now it's time to keep talking to 801... So after Kissy asked u to vote, in the 24 hours u all had at ur disposition u fans decided for:
 Sadly and with my heart in pieces I understood once again that u and me are not on the same wave anymore...!!!! Coz the one I voted for got a 4 position... yeah 4! How could u?!?!!? Heartless... my weak kokoro cant take it....
Ok ok I'm serious again... Anyway as u see the Koozure Ookami is the winner!!!!
Yup a dad with kids! Love this kind of plot lately, group's followers know that already (I'm sorry... I can be really annoying if I truly share my personality hihihi! But dont take it into ur heart too seriously!). But I need to confess that I'm not a great fan of the mangaka we are talking about... her art is a bit.... messy!??! (personal opinion, but yeah!).
Ja.... tomorrow our (kissy!!!!) gift for the special occasion!



:)) :d :p :(( :) :( :-? [-( :-o :-t :-ss b-( @-) =))
  1. NOOO ROBY-CHIN OUR PICK DIDNT WIN! aaah so sad. But hey this was my second choise so I will take it ;p THANKS EVERYONE FOR VOTING! I love it when our loving chinchin family is involved in this sort of stuff. Its the best! Love you all to bits! XxX Kay

    1. kay... u should know... daddies are always sexy...!!! =))

  2. I voted for Koozure Ookami... and well I'm happy :d

    1. :)) thank you for participating... ou let me tell u a secret... I vote for that too..!!! :d
      hope u love the project.!! :)

  3. I was late to the voting.:/ ... What were the other choices if you don't mind my asking?

    1. aawww.... busy..? its fine.. there's gonna be many occasion later in future.. :)

      etto... the choices are... kozure ookami, kuchibiru no yukue, hanairo virgin soil, 1 yen no otoko n virgin star.. :d

    2. You were late but just ur request got voted ahaha damn!!! =))
      Anyway the options are written in the image of the result! Just click on it and the image will get bigger enough for u to read the other titles!


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