Sunday, 9 July 2017


Hi minna!!!

Soooooo from where I should start!?!?? I received mails and message in my fb account where u say/ask me none of my videos can be streamed right now!!! Ouh... yeah... nothing new all old! Got flagged, lost channels videos offline again! Even if not all are lost! There are 12 projects online to be precise (think to them like a treasure haunt!) coz I have no idea right now which one they are ahaha! I'm talking about the ones edited by me of course, the other girls are doing great and a wonderful job!
Then... since I got tired of Youtube and this is an unfair fight from my part! I think I will go elsewhere to host my videos, even if I will always keep doing trailers coz I have always loved doing them! 
I decided to have a new host platform for my videos, and as some of fb (where I have already shared it)  said no problems with it so I think I can share it here too! With a larger audience!
Ouh! For your information, annoying pop-ups may appear and since I'm into this topic, I tell u in advance I dont gain anything from them ok? It's a platform that host my videos I'm not in any way an owner of any right so I dont gain personal money from anything I did here in 4 years, (I can share my 4 years bank sheets if this may make u feel safer, in case u dont believe in my words), and if the one or people who started spreading this rumors is/are reading this post well, I'd like to tell u that once I will find with evidence who started this I will come to ask you directly the reason why you did this. And only then we will see who is the genuine fan or who is doing it out of  personal ego or whatever reason you may think. Coz now things got too much out of limits. I flied low, I stayed silent and I tried my very best, but this seems not enough. and now that this rumor arrived to me, well I think that the silence is not the best way, because if I dont speak out loud what I think you would never know it.  I personally dont like drama, but I have a melodrammatic side in my personality, and believe me, this is not necessary a bad thing! Coz it share only I care what I do! So for any doubt or any bad thing Contact me first, through here, my email, my Youtube channels, my fb account, my Tumblr, my Twitter, my Mangago account, (oh my I sound like a stalker ahahha!) and avoid to report me. 
Ouh and the project uploaded onto the new platform is Aijin Incubus! Chaeck it out so u can see if the new streaming host is ok! It's the same of myreadinmanga anyway, thanks +Cold Blood Kissy  for making me know it! If u have any problems with loading and streamin pls dont hesitate to tell me! I will think to somethin new!
Have a wonderful day!



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  1. i been your FAN for a long time and my feeling for you and for all your work is getting HOTTER each year, problem !!! you can always find a way, crazy pop up!!! let it be. i believe in ALL of YOU. thank you for always making my DAY.

    1. Thanks for the support! Maybe... I could be the find a way girl!
      @Kay (our translator) called me the RE Up QUEEN, and I'm not sure it was a compliment aahahhaha! :))

  2. This is just a suggestion but I've seen other sites with this similar problem so to let only true fans on their website they lock the whole page so it's only accessible with a password, it's usually done on wordpress. Basically they give a hint that only true yaoi fans would know and when you enter the password it unlocks the whole site. Of course you'd have to re-enter the password every once in a while (like once a month or so) but by locking the site along with unlisted videos might help stop this problem from who ever is doing this. BTW love your work and hope that things can get easier for you.

    1. Hello dear anon, yup I appreciate every kind fo suggestions coz it may help in a way or another always! About this specific situation that possibility seems pretty useful, but here in Blogger the only options about privacy seeting are : hidden(only me), private (only by email invite) and pubblic. There anything else, and thinking about making an invite for everyone is pretty hard to think. Plus I cant really divide good by bad, coz I dont know u all personally. You for example, u are tryong to help but u write using anon form, so I cant really get to know u better. Am I right? And about unlisted videos, well, the fallged one were unlisted, so it's not like it made the difference!
      Thanks for ur comment! :)

  3. Those sick fucks >:( be patient Roby! Ganbatte!

  4. You did/are doing an awesome work! I'd really wish for you to keep doing it! Whoever said that, it's only out of envy or hate, in both of cases you don't need to care!
    Please be strong!


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