Sunday, 2 July 2017

Ķīžūđāřāķē ŋō ĂīŕāƄũŷũũ part 3

Hi minna!!!

Genki!!??!? Aother week is almost done... dinner time here... Agh! Hope u enjoyed ur weekend! For my turn I really did, and my body is starting to make me pay my enjoyement today... I went to the beach, for not long I swear... coz it's the "first sun" so if u dont pay attention it's pretty easy to get burnt... well, I did get burnt... TSK! But I enjoyed soooo I only hope to have not exagerated...
Now.... I have alot to say... as always bauuauauauwh!
First of all, I just noticed that the day when +Yukuroo クロオ  shared was on 30° of June (its last day) so many many thanks for closing our celebration month with ur wonderful project! I'm happy! I'm enjoying that manga as u go with vds so the feeling of wanting to know what happen after is terrible! But I will keep my cool and resist! I WILL DO IT!
Second, I'm almost done with setting all my new channels, still bit of details and I should be ok! But I decided to manage them differently in order to be the safer I can. I will keep posting somethin pubblic, not the videos of course, coz finding not sexy scenes is pretty hard, but using the new programme I showed u in the group, with small trailers everytime I release somethin new. Who follow me since the beginning knows that this was my way of doing before runnin the blog! So I will try that and see how it goes!
Third, sharing something pubblic made me realise, sorry I did not do it sooner,  that my videos are pubblic shared being added in others playlists... actually +Cold Blood Kissy  are too, using our main channels. Now, I hate repeat myself coz I may saound annoying, but this is somethin I care we are talking about and I will never get tired to do it! 
I know that asking to follow an only and unique rule is futile... coz it seems I dont get listened even if I ask politely .. then how about this? If u need share my videos out of here, guys can u do it using ur own channels? Adding or liking our originals videos make us pretty defenless against flags and strikes for copyright and this is unfair since we put efforts and time in making them. I'd risk to ask to credit the right videomaker, but it may pass as an EGO FILL request! So I will bear with simply askin u, if u want to share them out so badly, please use ur channels at ur own risk. Coz if I shared some parts I take full responsablity of it, and I do it coz I know I will not have problems (no sexy part out at all!). So even if it's not ur liking, u should at least understand that! Agree?!!? Yeah, of course u do! I keep repeating hopin u will listen! AGAIN and AGAIN!
Now enjoy a new video!
And see ya next week!



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  1. Hello! Thank you for this video! I like this manga! It is a good read and I could not imagine this with a CD! :d
    P.S. You should add another reaction over there! Something like : funny or hilarious because I cannot decide which one I should pick! Ahaha!
    Have a good week!

    1. Hiiiiii! I didnt know neither! I found this one coz I was pretty focused on looking for the more projects possible with this voice actors as a cast in BL stories! This one is considered a "minor", maybe coz it's compilation of multiple stories! BUT I think the CD really improves its quality!
      And about the reaction ahahhah I really should in effect! :)

  2. Yoshino Hiroyuki is the best when it comes to comedy BL. God damn he's hilarious. I love him

    1. Yup he is so damn good and funny here! I like this performance alot!

  3. It is so heartbreaking to see sooooo many vids are not available.

    1. Thanks, ur comment is really kind, if u truly meant it! :p


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