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Ķīžūđāřāķē ŋō ĂīŕāƄũŷũũ M+CD

Love Full of Scars is a compilation of several short stories that gravitate around rough but surprisingly cute men.
Author: Psyche Delico
Release: 2009/02/25
Yoshino Hiroyuki × Yasumoto Hiroki
Kishio Daisuke × Takahashi Hiroki

P.S. I edited this first 2 parts back in 2015! For one reason I never  shared this with you all but kept it as private... if you understood a bit my personal tastes in yaoi and remember this manga's plot, you could tell the reason ahhaha I will say it myself after the last part will come tho!
P.S.2. I promised to keep following my "things to do list" in order, so Tv kun would have been next but I didnt realize this was our celebration month so I wanted to do som lil surprises, but I can tell I will keep my word soooo dear +Diana Suárez Cazalla  ur old old olddddddd request will be my next in turn  I swear or no yaoi anymore..... pfffffffffffff! XD
P.S.3 I received some of ur mails where u warned me some of my videos were public! If u saw them in one of my new channels, pls dont worry! I perfectly know they are free to be seen from everybody! But I did that myself in order to try to make them safe. I mean something changed with Youtube agreement and I think somethin techincal is different from my previous ones, so now pubblic views and private ones are registered in different ways from Youtube. For example my channels with all private videos keep having officially 0 views, but I dont know if their logarithm can take trace of the reason why I keep updating and the views will remain always 0! So, I 'll try to share some soft parts... and believe me, finding them is pretty hard ahahahah! In every of my channels, I will use some of the trailers I made of the ones I liked the most, but I cant find them in my old folder anymore. Missing like Norio and Kunimasa... I dont know where they went... Maybe some privacy to make their awaited and beloved baby... haahha! Anyway, technical stuff, I'm only trying to dont stay behind Youtube, and in the while I will always look for new platforms and programmes that will permit me to avoid some problems. I will need time, but I will find a way!
Enjoy this good manga... This is the first appareance of this mangaka in my blog.. If u didnt read anything of her, u should do it now, coz I find her art pretty sensual! Now, this should be one of her first works but as u know I'm weak against delinquents relationship ahahha!
Shut up myself and go on!

Ķīžūđāřāķē ŋō ĂīŕāƄũŷũũ M+CD :

1  -  2   -  3  -  4  -  5



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  1. Woooooow, now I'm curious why you didn't share this sooner!? I didn't know this manga and thank you for doing this! The cover looks not bad at all! :))
    Wish you all the best!

    1. Hi! Hi! I will tell when the project will be done! Yup the cover is so good! And u are welcome!

  2. Thank you! :d

  3. I did not know anything abiut this manga! And it looks good! You always pick original projects! Small ones or big ones! Thanks for your work!!!! :d

    1. Hello! You are not the only one believe me! I was surprised as well when I noticed this manga had a CD! I was retty fond of the cast so I was very happy to work on it! Stopped for a reason but I thought it was not right, and I decided to complete it!
      And yeah the mangas avaible with a drama CD are so many that we have only the problem to decided which one! Thanks to u! :)

  4. Oh my god how hilarious i laughed so loud i woke up my parents downstairs

    1. Aahhaha (imagining the scene!), yup the actors are making an awesome job! I mean the tone is so perfectly matched with the faces and circumstances ahahah! Funny!

  5. The account on YouTube has been removed sadness (T_T)\(^-^ )

  6. Where I can watch it now T_T I am so lonely without your vids.

    1. Hi hi! yeah right now is basically impossible since I have no more channels alive, in the future maybe! If the new host is ok, lil by lil we will migrate everything! About you being lonely, I'm pretty sure u will contribuite to make yourself and other people feel less lonely with ur videos! Do your best! :)

    2. hey sista!! TCH! Those haters, hope you get them back alive lil by lil. Hai, I am working on a blcd-project >///<, you will soon see. :-* And thank you for the re-up of Ķīžūđāřāķē ŋō ĂīŕāƄũŷũũ, now I gonna enjoy it. fufu~

    3. Yeah haters! Incredible what can they do right?!?! They can denigrate ur work, calling it a simply blind show of scans, they can insinue u are being persinstent coz u get paid or gain personal money through advertisement, they can doubt and make others doubt about ur good faith and enjoyemnt, they can make others respect what u are and what u do alot less than u really deserve! And at the end arriving to flag, since it's not a big deal!
      Yeah TCH! those haters!
      BUT welcoming a new videomaker is a duty for older ones so give life to more awesome moans pls! I thanks people that made me know that u are a newcomer!
      Even if I doubt I will see u, have fun editin!

    4. (*¯︶¯*)Senpai! Don't be sad, despite dealing with all those haters bishes you receive too much love, right? So, Ganbatte (´。• ᵕ •。`)
      Lmao, Nuuu~ I will share my stuff as I know where I can send it to you secretly lol

    5. Wow,the 7 days after reply?!?! Are u the type that think alot before replying? Good girl! Totally different from me, I read-think-reply in the time of 7 seconds ahah!
      Bishes? I always had problems dealing with Urban Dictionary, but thanks to u guys I think I learnt and I'm learning alot! DOES BISHIES MEAN BITCHES? Thanks for improving my educational background! Well, bishes are who bishes think to be, u used that word not me, insulting personally is not my way of doing, so well, to anyone the right definition!
      I am not really sad! Sad is not the right adjective! I'm disappointed and a bit angry at the total lack of the open confront instead of the talk bahind the back! Because as u can imagine people tend to judge even if they have not the right amount of informations on a certain sitaution or event. And even if judging is pretty wrong to begin with, figure if u do knowing the half of the story. So mine was a confession about what I truly think and what my recent experience taught me! Anyway!!!! Yup, I receive the right amount of love I'm always the same person who started managing here years ago, my approach to this isn't changed! I still think to this place as a good place where we can chat/share opinions on yaoi topic! thanks for your concern! You are very kind! I'm moved by that! Ouh about u sending me personally and secretly ur works, this is my second reason for being moved today, really! Thanks but if I had the will to follow any videomaker out there I would openly follow u/them with pleasure!(as I did when I started, I followed the videomakers active in that period and after being inspired I began my adventure too, leaving me in reality less time to surf on Youtube and follow all the projects online). It's not like it makes sense u telling me that right?! for me at least it doesnt! Mah! I have alot of difects but I am not an hypocrite!
      So yeah, I'm pretty sure u did efforts to edit and that's the only thing that matters!!!!
      Ganbatte u too!

    6. Haha, I seriously didn't notice that 7 day gap, now it's 4 day lol I am too lazy. No, it's more like I only have few blogs to check on in a limited hectic daily life T_T I should have clicked the blessing button "notify me"xd (Now I did though!)

      fufu~ You actually are moved by my comment (*°▽°*) I am so glad.
      Yesh, Bishes is Bitches and Bishies is handsome guys as far as I know. I was wondering what can I say, coz I never been in such situation, you must be really hurt by that, aww~lemme give you a hug (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Actually, I am trying to make some vids which help others in learning how to make M.cds, it's pretty hard though(。╯︵╰。), aside from that I am working on omegaverse project Romantic Joutou .///. *kyan* 。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。 I don't know about you following me openly xd coz I don't have much stuffs on my channel, it requires time and motivation.

    7. Ouh it's ok, I did not mean in the sense of counting days, I meant something like replying to a comment a week after is odd for me, coz I would have completely forgotten to have commented here in the first place... ahah, I am getting old I think, plus I thought but I may be wrong, that an email would reach u if someone reply to u in blogger. This is at least what happen to others when I reply to them. Maybe it's not the same for you!
      Yup I was moved! Thanks for ur hug, I hug u back, it hurt at first but luckly we will keep going without problems! HOPEFULLY!
      Then we are working on the same project! my first omegaverse too! It's awesome right! Ganbatte!
      P.S. I was not even sure u had a channel already, but I just replied to u that told about sending me secretely what u were working on! So I wanted to make u know, indidpendently on what you think, if I could, I would follow u openly, we do the same and we like the same thing so I dont think I'd need to do it secretly. For this reason I did not get the meanin of ur previous message.
      Anyway goodnight! (night time here!).

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    1. Hello! I'm still trying to understand why at distance of 5 minutes u felt the urge to comment at the same post using 2 different ways (unkwon form and ur G+ name) just to tell at first that u love all the people who make blcd and after to ask if I know other people!?!?! If u love all the people it means u already know there are other people than me that edit right? Well, I dont want to know any further... I'm scared!
      But anyway, I dont know if in french customer is the same way to say fan! I will ask to my french friends. I can tell what customer means in my language (italian):
      customer is a person that need to pay to have the goods, and I dont think u ever paid to watch my videos! If yes u got cricked, sorry, if u dont and still call urself customer u think really low of urself according to me. But it's ok, it's not like we can be all confident in this world!
      Have a good life! :)

    2. Hello,

      Sorry if my comment annoyed you.
      I'm suck for the blog that's why i see after that i can conbect with my account Google and it's the first time i leave message usually i just like.
      I'm bad at english
      Yes i already know another blcd but just blcd not editor.
      So i'm just fan.

      Wish you the best.

    3. Hi hi! Not annoyed at all! Tsk! I have no man right now but I'm not an hysterical chick ahahhaah! (Hopefully!) :-ss =)) Mine was a wondering since even if u are not used to surf on blogs, commenting is pretty easy... Anyway as long as u dont mean any harm, everything is fine! Thanks for ur wishes, I need them! =))

  9. Can you re uoload this ? Openload is blocked in my country T^T

    1. Hello to u too! Sorry I cant! Youtube is blocked for me! I mean too many flags and copyrights strikes... I'm out of it! I will upload videos also on cherry streaming website. I hope u wont have problems with that! And plus, If I can suggest, there are websites that helps u to face and solve this kind of matters! You should just hide/change ur VPN!!

  10. Thank you so much for doing this i really like your group because you do old and good stories really thank you so much!

  11. Umm part 4 and 5 is not working .. Can you fix it?

    1. Hello! They are online and work fine! It's on openload, try loading again or use another device! ;)

  12. Can anyone tell me the voice actors for them?


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