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Řėň'āī Ŝħīňāň M+CD

When Hatano's scruffy boss Honjou asks for his help with girls, Hatano agrees reluctantly. But Honjou turns out to be surprisingly sexy. Can Hatano resist his own creation?

Author: Takatsuki Noboru
Company: Frontier Works
Release Date: 11/21/2007
Hanada Hikaru (Honjou) x Chiba Susumu (Hatano)
Hatano Wataru (Oohashi)

Řėň'āī Ŝħīňāň M+CD:

part1  -  part2 part3  -  part4  -  part5  -  part6  -  part7(extra)  <-- translation in a comment down here!



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  1. Hi, roby, It's senna. I just finished translation. I want to tell you something about my translation first. I don't translated it directly, I translated it so liberally. So I hope you and your fans know about it. I think it's easier for you to understand it. then, enjoy it. always thanks for you, Roby. kisses.

    H means honjou
    A means akira
    M means monologue
    enter and '-' mean there is no sound or just background music
    It will be helpful for you when you edit it.


    H: Akira!
    A: I’m gonna..!

    A(M): I don’t know why Recently he is so intense.
    A: Oh, my! It’s almost midnight!
    A: It can’t be helped. I cannot but get a taxi and come back home.
    H: eh? why are you leaving so early? there ins’t running subway, you might as well stay here.
    A: No, I can’t. Cause I should find a house, tomorrow.
    H: A house?
    A: Now my home is too far away from new company, So I want to find the one nearby company.
    H: Then you’d better stay here with me, don’t you think so?
    A: It will be troublesome if the fact that we’re stay in the same house become known to everyone at work.
    H: That’ll be OK if we say It’s just Room-sharing.
    A: Everyone might think It’s really odd Since we transferred together and now we’re living together.
    H: you think too much. a room is empty now, you can live here.
    A: empty? are you talking about the room that is full of sports goods? It’s no funny I don’t want to live with all sports goods.
    H: ah, then I’ll get rid of them and let the room totally empty.
    A: No, thank you. I’ll find new one.


    A: It’s not good, I thought I can find it easily.
    A: oh, there is a real estate office.
    A: there are so many notices.
    A: It, It’s too expensive. why are they so expensive?! I can’t afford it cuz I just transferred.
    A: but I can’t depend on him.
    A: anyway, I have to find it although I should spend lots of time.
    (walking sounds)
    A: ah, finally I can leave the company.
    A: It’s unbelievable the work finished this later though I felt not good from the morning. besides, It’s getting worse. I feel I‘m about to collapse.
    H: hatara kun, why were you working with such a blank look on your face all day?
    A: um, I think I’m exhausted.
    H: oh, do you have fever?
    A: ha, I’d better go home now.
    H: Oh, no. You looks so dizzy. wait a second, I’ll leave work with you.
    A: ah, I, I am sorry.
    H: take hold of me. watch out.
    (walking together)
    A(M): I’m so pitiful Cuz I gave him trouble. I don’t know why. I’ve never had a fever.
    H: How are you feeling? are you feeling better?
    A: ho, honjou san, I’m sorry.
    H: don’t force yourself. you’d better sleep.
    A: O, OK.
    H: you didn’t have a meal properly and stay up late at night, moreover you had a hard time finding new house and adapting to new work. So, I think you became more and more fatigued.
    A: honjou san, you know everything about me.
    H: here, eat a soup and take a medicine.
    A: I am really sorry.
    H: is that so? don’t you think It’s nice someone stay with you when you’re sick?
    A: Yeah.
    H: So, move in here, OK?
    A: OK.
    H: That’s great, then I’ll make the room empty and clean, so you can move in here anytime.
    A: I’ll pay you rent for a house.
    H: It’s fine you don’t need to. rest more.
    A: um..
    (the sound of door)
    A: honjou san is very kind while I always made him feel uneasy.
    A: What should I do, I think I love him so much.
    H: Ah, I forgot it. putting an green onion into your hips will help you feel better, what are you going to do?

  2. AnonymousMarch 30, 2014 at 9:39 AM

    H(M): the fact that we’re living together became known to everyone
    but everyone don’t mind that much.
    I think I didn’t need to worry about it at that time.
    However, there are three problems about living with honjou san.
    First of all, I can’t smoke because I was banned to smoke by him for my health.
    Secondly, he wakes up so early. finally....

    H: I can’t stand it!
    A: Akira, It's still early. hold on.
    H: Don’t disperse, I beg you! Hon-jou san!
    A: I know that, Akira.

    A: having sex everyday makes me exhausted...
    H: you do? I’m alright.

    A(M): third one is that I am asked for having sex EVERYDAY!
    before holiday, he become dogged more and more.
    So It’s a big problem for me.

    A: the number of times increased since we live together, right?
    H: this is because we’re stay together, so I start to want you. and we don’t have to worry about time.
    A: you were care of it (sorry It’s difficult to translate)
    H: ah, I can’t endure it cuz you’re here with me.
    A(M): his desire might burst now since at that age, he was a virgin. However, It’s unbelievable he has a strong sexual appetite.

    A: Do you love me that much?
    H: Yes, then.... Can we have sex one more time??
    A: eh?! Again? Please! Can I do this by my hand?
    H: No! then It isn’t different from doing by myself.
    A(M): It’s really troublesome even I can’t run away to my home!
    H: hatara kun...
    A: ha, it might be better for me to find new home.
    H: ah, Sorry, I’m sorry. I won’t ask for. Don’t say you leave here!
    A: hey, How about set the number of times?! I can’t keep up with you.
    H: um, OK.
    A: then, Today is over.
    H: wait!
    A: what is it?
    H: one more time It’s OK by hand.
    A: ha, It might be better for me to find new one...
    H: eh!?! Don’t!

  3. Part 1 is broken

    1. Hiiiii! Fixed! Enjoy and sorry for the delay! :)

  4. part 5 is missing fyi, thanks again for all you do ^-^

    1. Hello! I replaced with a new link, it should be ok now, thanks for letting me know! Enjoy :)

  5. yup, 5 is broken


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