Monday, 19 March 2018

Ÿũɱɇ ňō Ɏȯʊ Ƞȃ Ȟȃƞǡśħī M+CD

Kanou is in love with one of his employees, the handsome Sawamura, who is really nice and popular. But Kanou is used to having bad luck in love, so he decides to hold back his feelings... But during a drunken night, events take a surprising turn... And Kanou realizes that the Sawamura he imagined, may be very different from reality... 
Mangaka:  KIRIYU Kiyoi
Release date: February 24, 2012
Maeno Tomoaki  💞  Nojima Hirofumi

P.S. Soooo from where I should start? Somethin like one year ago I found another blog  (here), where a girl (Arki) started to share video with manga+drama cds. I found that she did a great work with a manga I did not even read yet, so after enjoying it all, I asked her if it was ok for me to share in my blog. I waited for her reply before posting but after a few weeks I had forgot about it. I thought she was not online anymore or she wasnt ok with me sharing her videos. So I left that good manga+drama cd go, and decided to keep going for my road. Today when I opened my emails (thanks to all for what I read! They were cute messagges ahaha!) I found her reply with her ok.
So... a pretty excited me is sharing with u this manga! This mangaka was still missing in my collection and this made me happier! 
P.S. 2 I know I have some missing/broke links... guys be patient, running this blog is not an easy task anymore and honestly speaking all this reup is quite demotivating! I feel like I spend more time in reups than to edit new things, and this is no good for my enthusiam.
P.S.3.  Give ur warm Welcome to Yukuro for entering in the fabulous world of the FLAGGED videos from Youtube! Yup yup! Thanks to someone disturbed by the sexual content some of her videos are offline too. (Pendulum and Kashikomarimashita) She is working on it and she was pretty disappointed by it. We try to not disturb others' sensibility, putting our spicy videos in the private mode. the only copy of our videos should be hosted here and uploaded only once.... this is why I ask to not re up them. (if u really need to at least convert them again PLEASE!If u add credit would be great!). It makes us weak against copyright or flags. But oh well... futile to add more words, someone could say I call useless drama here! It's quite easy to say that someone is exagerated or melodrammatic when the efforts in danger are of this someone ahahhaha! 
So said, Youtube is out of discussion BUT I think we found good solutions and alternatives! Lil by lil all the links should be ok! Wish us good luck!



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  1. Hello Roby! I hope you're doing well despite all the setbacks. Thank you for sharing Arki's project and please relay to her the same thanks as well. I'm sorry to hear about the problem Yukuroo is having now. :( Hopefully, everything will right itself soon. Also, thank you so much for your other new project as well. Please take care, and give everyone my best. :)

  2. I didn't know this manga had a drama cd!
    It was a good story :)
    More S&M here please ahahaah! Thanks girls! (Arki and Roby)

  3. Even if I read or watch this many times, I still really like it, I really hope for a sequel of this since before.... but judging by the released date gap it would be impossible... T_T


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