Thursday, 22 February 2018

Kissy's BDAY!


I know I know I knooooooow, I will tell u first... it's still 22 of february here where I am! So, since I'm the one who is posting.... well... I can ignore the time difference and the fact that for +Cold Blood Kissy  is already 23 ahahahahha! Sorry dear!
I was at work with a double shift today so, I could "became one" with my pc only after dinner (now)!!!
Speaking of how I hope u had a wonderful day... as always u refused to talk with me at the phone... tsk! I will make u surrender one day or another.... I PROMISE!... I will anticipate that I say sorry to all people u would have liked to partecipate and to whom I didnt asked to! Sorry, I made all in few hours so I rushed a bit with my selfish requests! To people I asked and still didnt make on time, sorry to u too, my fault! I asked so late and it was very difficult to interact each other properly!
To people who could do as I asked for, THANKS from the bottom of my heart! It's good to make people know we think about them! It makes it sound like we are a big family (as I consider myself with some of you known here!).
About my part in this video I can say that considering I was rushing in my 10 minutes break from my work at the office (I was out of breath!), I registered the message 3 times... and I gave up at the end... considering my bad spoken english (I repeated the word special, somehting like 300000 times... I realized after ending everything...SORRY! and considering I could manage to add and create this video in only now in 20 minutes, I think I did a wonderful job (phrasin myself.... so lame hihihihi!).
Thanks to Kyo Takashi, Kay DYS, Aika go, Umi, Achinthya, Shayla and the others! 
Lot of love! See ya in the weekend!

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