Sunday, 13 August 2017

Ķīžūđāřāķē ŋō ĂīŕāƄũŷũũ part 4

Hi  minna!

Yup not a joke, IT?S TRULY ME! Waaaaaa, it seems ages since my last post about something new... to be precise I had to scroll for more than a month ago (in date terms) in order to find the previous video about this ongoing project! Agh.... re ups and my old age starts to make their work! ahahha BTW I hope u are pretty relaxed right now coz I need to make up for this month of absence soooo my post will be pretty long ahahha 
You have 2 options:
  1. relaxing even more and keep reading
  2. Skip all this post and click on "Read more" at the end of this post and directly reach the video
Aahahha it's all up to u! Ready?!?!? Okkkkk
Then, first of all thanks to the girls here for keeping this blog active with new things giving me time and motivation for re uploading all my edited projects! You know, generally speaking a project is composed by 6/7 tracks, so basing on my net, to re up a whole thing I need 3 hours more or less, it means re ups need time, so even if I understand that u are impatient to re watch ur favourite ones, please be considerate of my PC health, coz he may get angry and leave me forever....and I could not affond this kind of lost now ahahahha!
So thanks for all ur messages of incouragment, I cant say when I will complete the re up once for all, but I can guarantee I will do it! So, just enjoy the ones online again and avaible for u all! THANKS!
Second, I received an email that made me truly curious and even if it was an easy question, it really took me time to reply properly! I already did in private by email, but I thought that maybe others could be interested too so I decided to insert it to this post!
The email said:
Hello, I love your works, I'd like to edit too, would you give training?"
Basically it's a pretty easy question right? But I was quite surprised to receive something like this! You know why? Ehm... hope to be able to explain well! So, I will start saying that I have absolutely no problem to tell anyone all I know about editing, I can continue saying I never thought about training anyone, coz none thaught me anything, coz my motto is "It's not important the destination but the enjoyement u have during the trip to reach it" something like that translated in english from an Italian said ahahah! I mean gyus what I would like u to understand is that fun and enjoyement cant go under training! Editing a whole video with your onw tools and efforts is something I could never teach! Come on, dont u have enough training in real life already? At school or work? I created this place to be free by conventions and I cant even think about here being like a school ahahahah! No no nooooooo.
What I mean is, a video is a mirror on how u feel when u read a manga, this is the reason u can edit only the manga u like and not everything, at least this is what I feel everytime I edit. I focus on main characters development and on love moments.... yeah sorry for that!. So I edit and crop basing on that! Mangakas create wonderful stories, seyuus provide those delicious moans, and here we are assembling the whole things following our own tastes! But now that here we are more u can easily get what I try to say. We video editors here are so much different each other, and this is what it makes it great! I have no need to have another one who edits like me, coz I already am here right!?!? (does it make sense?), what I'd like to see is people taking the chance to edit what they like in the way they like.
With this of course, I dont mean everything has green light! Even if it's somethin u should enjoy and like, we are pretty serious about this task, and I can be a naggy mother in law, in only 2 occasions. I want that anyone who proposes himself/herself to share here videos have something really clear in their mind. Finish what u start, u owe this to ur collegues here, coz we all have schedules and hands full, so anyone has to take care of their choices and I think it's a simple but important way to be serious and relialable, I truly wouldnt like having many started projects and people disappering on them! And to ur fans too, they deserve to see an end, no matter how time it get, one video per week, every 2 week or a month or 2, but we need to finish each project everytime. So it's pretty understandable if u realize that it's not as easy as u imagined at the beginning, but at least end what u begin! Second is I'm a tags freak, yup as a this blog manager, keeping this place well organizated is hard and tags are the only thing I gave a proper training ahahah Kay (our translator) made fun of my tags lessons anyway aahahha!
Ok I'm tired by writing so much, but believe me, the reply by email was alot longer than this ahahha!
So said, I have the last add, when BM Sora showed me the launch of Jakcass! drama cd, after taking control of my emotions again, I was pretty taken by that video so I thought about addin something new (damn enthusiam everytime I see soemthing new) on my video. I simply felt like trying and see the result! So thanks for sharing that video with me! 
Now it's true, I'm going! dont know if I will be able to share enxt week, but I will do my best!
See ya!



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  1. Roby!!! How are you dear?

    1. Helloooo Luciani! I'm pretty good! I'm always good but I am particularly good when I'm on holidays... of course... =))
      What about u? School? Are u on break too!??! Always glad to read of u and ur support! Thankssss! :)

    2. Well, I have some more time before I'll leave my position at the library I was working at since I was only working there as a student. I've been working on looking for a full-time job at another library though. My fingers are crossed that I won't have to suffer through too many headaches to find one. Right now, I'm doing well, but I pulled a muscle in my upper back, so no heavy lifting for a while. It really is inconvenient since I work with books! As always I will support you and everyone else! Take care! :)

  2. The link doesn't work for me:(. it only brings me to the pictures and that's it . That's sad because its a waste of your hard work ..

    1. There are some popo ups in both openload and mp4upload, just close all the tabs and video loads perfectly!

    2. I Got it to work now so thank you and have a good night's sleep ^-^


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