Saturday, 10 June 2017

Ɖāǩǎřėŧāī ŏŧŏĸŏ ĭćħī ŋī ōdōśāŕĕŧē ĭmāšu Track 2

Hello everyone~ It's Ringo Aoiro back with another video!

It's June 2017, 4 years anniversary of this blog, so there is an event for this month where ongoing projects will have update every weekend. So, I'm participating in it which means new video of Dakaretai otoko ichi ni odosarete imasu EVERY SUNDAY for the month of June! 🎉

And if you're curious about this cosplay above, it's Hana and Baozi cosplaying as Takato and Junta. Just thought I should share this amazing jaw-drop worthy cosplay.

Track 2 Summary

After the 'rough' start (pun intended XP) of their relationship as co-workers, Azumaya Junta seems to be uptight when he's acting. Saijo Takato decides to give him an advice which works out a little... too good. (-by Kay)

Link to the video



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  1. Just wanted to let you know that the last 5 minutes the video is black.

    1. ah yes yes! thanks for notifying it! The video had been amended and a new link had been uploaded, sorry for the inconvenience caused!

    2. Oh your welcome just thought I had to tell ya in case you hadnt noticed and dont worry it wasnt any trouble.. :) .

  2. Oh ~ Despacito from Sam Tsui for the intro ~ I love this version !! (the best mouahahaha love this guy <3 )

    And... I LOVE HANA & BAOZI SO MUCH !!!! They're so cuuuuute together (sexy on this pic lmao xD) You've made great choice for this one ahah ~

    Anyway, I love this part ! Espacially the moment when Junta traped Takato against the wall (Junta's so damn hot *o*) Eheh I already read this story so I'm really impatient to listen to the next part ~ ;)

    Great job on this one ~ ;)

    See ya on the next one !


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