Sunday, 16 April 2017

ҥіᴛᴏғוјімᴇ воӱfᴙוӛиᴅ part 4

Wazzup Guys!!

Happy Sunday!! Its too hot here at my place.. This current high temperature has been disturbing my peaceful life for almost a week now... I cant even stay in my room to spend my time with my life on internet as usual.. 💢💢💢 This has affecting my focus in finding new project for my new collection to be edited... If you find the next new added project are too simple and short... plez blame it on nature... 🙍🙍🙍

But I am not forgetting ur Sunday's treat..!! Cz I definitely need that for a break...

Tho... I'm not gonna say that we're gonna start with some fun here.. Cz Hasekura's word...

"I never once thought you as my friend..!"

Is really affecting Kensuke and hurting him deep.. Almost making Hasekura be such a jerk in my eyes for making the cute lil Kensuke's crying and all...

But sometimes dense could really be annoying bcz even when Kensuke's feeling like ...
he still doesn't understand what it truly means...  
I mean... how much more do you need for you to realize that it's LOVE..??

Ja... what's gonna happen when Hasekura spell the word for him then...? 
Enjoy the vid..!! 💋💋💋

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