Saturday, 25 March 2017

♪♫ЯоΒў’ѕ ВіґŧНDаỳ VіDєО ♪♫

Wazzup Guys!!

It comes to my concern that the Birthday Video for Roby is having a lil problem for some of you..
Well.. actually its a YouTube problem.. U know how it is..  💢💢💢
The first issue is when it was not available on some Cellphone... Well.. to tell u the truth, after snooping around a lil, I found out that the video contains some ads that cannot be played by Cell, thats why the ads blocked the vid..  ><
But then, the second issue is, the video has been blocked on 6 countries.. forgive me for not noticing it sooner.. the notification did come a bit late even after publishing the video..  😩😩😩

Now... I found the solution for the first issue, which u can find it in the FB Group...
While the second issue....  ><
Im getting dizzy from all the tricks that needs to be learnt to avoid the problem.. It has a solution... but... I need to adjust something on the vid... Now... it takes me days to finish that video, and I'm not gonna altered anything...  💪💪💪

Ja... I decided to just upload it onto the Google Drive last night...  ^^
I literally have to upload it twice cz I feel asleep last night during uploading it and dont know what happen to it... 🙈🙈🙈

The file is ready now... I'm still not sure if those who are blocked can see it now.. but I HOPE u got no problem anymore after this... Sorry for being late in solving the problem.. But still.. if anyone do have any more trouble to see the vid through the G Drive link, please tell me...  ✌✌✌

And now... for those who haven't seen it yet... 

(LAST UPDATE 25/03/2017) - Hello!!!! Roby here speaking... I know Kissy and some of u are having problems with watching this video. Well, the songs used as a soundtrack are protected with copyright by the house here in YT, this explain the block. sometimes it happens in tracks of CD dramas as well, and to avoid that, we need to modify the video (ruinin a bit the audio) or it would be blocked too. But in this case, Kissy made a big of efforts and editing in doing this one... u know it was for me then... and I'm the BOSS here! I didnt want to change not a singel frame of this neither... My lil koukai (not sure if I wrote right, I meant the opposite of senpai tho.. ahahah!) needed help, and I hope none interessed in this will keep having problems with it, if u still have contact us again. I uploaded this directly on blogger and it should be ok!  (less quality, but it should be avaible for everyone and from any device used).
P.S. I really thanks people who took active part in this, all your personal wishes were just fabolous, I'm flattered and very happy to know that my blog could be useful/help someone else life, this is the best thing I could ever listen, and knowing someone (Sora), brought a cake and candles to send me a video while coming back home, made my heart race like a crazy one! I thanks Bonnie for her wishes (a beautiful blonde fujoshi from Germany!) Thanks to all used their awesome editing skills to make me BDAY cards ahaha they were sexy, funny and sweet! Thanks to those who wrote letters by hand for me, great really great! I thanks all those replied after kissy already edited this video so they are not displayed here, but dont worry, Kissy told me everything so I know who u are! Thanks to those who sent me sweet messages, even people I have no caontact often with, dedicated me time, the most precious thing God conced us! So I hope to have replied to u all! If I didnt please consider I'm an airhead, dont take it in your heart, onegai ne!?! 
Just I know there are people who love me, just here to make it clear I love u too!

             ♪♫ЯоΒў’ѕ ВіґŧНDаỳ VіDєО ♪♫    ⇆ Link to G Drive Sharing

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Consider that all of this was a surprise for me, I was so moved that I didnt know how to reply to such feelings share! I was confused, pleased that made me out of breath... yeah just tell that!
You never know how good people can be! Yeah I had a great day definitely! Love u guys!

(Roby's teary reply)

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