Friday, 20 January 2017

$øŋø Ķũćħıƃıřų ŋı Ƴøřũ ŋŏ Ŧšūŷų part 5

Wazzup Guys!!

I'm really need some sleep right now.. My head is pounding and my eyes are heavy.. Its been a week that I have this sickness of sleeping at 4am and waking up at 8 am in the morning... Such a torture..!!
But, even if I'm pretty sure my eyes are half closed right now, I still wanna and manage to share this new track with you guys cz we're almost reach the end for this one and I just dont wanna wait any longer... 

In this one, we're gonna see how did their relationship turned into something messed up...

And this scene here... somehow remind me a lot to Natsume from Alice Academy (Gakuen Alice) when he was angry... Have you ever read it..?

AND... BEHOLD..!!!
It's THE END of this track.... 😍😍😍

We still have one more to go for this baby..!! You should wait for Sunday to come..

Now... I really need some sleep.. its only 10pm here.. but I need to try to sleep for now...

So.. have fun!! 💋💋💋

$øŋø Ķũćħıƃıřų ŋı Ƴøřũ ŋŏ Ŧšūŷų part 5

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