Wednesday, 11 January 2017

ŊøŦ Ëqũ㣠part 10 (Last Track)

Wazzup Guys!!

I'm gonna insist on you guys to take a break for this little one cz this is the last of this baby..!! 😁😁
Sad..? Don't be cz this baby gonna be stay here forever for you guys to stream it always whenever you want.. As for me, I am very excited at the end of every project cz that would be mean I'll need to edit something new..!! 😉😉😉

At the end of this, we can finally get to see Konomi confess and realize his feeling that is so deep within his heart... Woah..! A bit emotional and warm scenes for the last track to settle down our agitation while we were with them all along.. At last, a happy ending is what we always seek for in everything we read/watch..
I'm very glad to be able to complete this baby which has been requested by +mareeda vynn, cz the end of it really satisfied me tho there's a bit struggle at the beginning of it... So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for requesting and I hope you too will be happy cz its finally complete after all this time.. 👌👌👌
And... speaking of the end... everyone's gonna be able to enjoy a bit fun at the end of this track because Kyo-chan has been helping me with the translation..!! I am truly grateful for the time you spend to help me complete this one..!! 😍😍😍

So, I hope everyone enjoy this project and stay tuned for a new project..!! 💋💋💋

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