Wednesday, 30 November 2016

ŊøŦ Ëqũ㣠part 5

Wazzup Guys..!!!

Take a break..!!! I know I am..! My feet are sore.. My waist are hurting.. and my head is spinning.. I've been helping my friend at her workplace (some fast food restaurant) as a part timer only, since 12 this day till 7 just now.. standing..!! (well.. you know how they work.. hihiihi) 
After been a good friend with your bed for so long, a sore foot is what you get after working a little.. 
Now let just push it aside.. and also push aside your work or study a lil today, and lets just enjoy the releases. Roby's post aka Marinela Solar's release just now would be the exact medicine I need, and this new track I prepared for you guys is really good for any stress. I assure you..!! 

At last, Ryou's can no longer hold himself against Konomi's cuteness and they officially moving a step forward through their relationship. 
You know, this moment (below) is a bit funny to me, when Konomi ask Ryou to trade places with him.. hihiihih
I never seen one before during it.. ahahha

But how long will their happiness last..? When Ryou suddenly go back to the future, what would happen to them then? Will their relationship fall back to nothing.. or should I say.. moving forward to nothing..?



:)) :d :p :(( :) :( :-? [-( :-o :-t :-ss b-( @-) =))
  1. i love the concept of time travel. this manga is in my top 5. and i cry each time i listen to the blcd. sooo bittersweet and heartbreaking. i especially love nojima hirofumi's voice acting as a young konomi and adult konomi, great distinction in voices.

    1. yeah.. u know, first time i hear this, i went and check if the young one and the adult are form the same seiyuu.. hihiihi

  2. hope you get some good rest. otsukaresamadeshita!!!


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