Sunday, 11 September 2016

Üsŏŧsũĸĩ wă ƌăřēƋā M+CD

Ichita and Hiromu are childhood friends and neighbors. But when Hiromu sees Ichita making out with another guy, he calls it "disgusting" and stops talking to Ichita. Does Ichita just want his friend back? Or does he want something more from Hiromu?

Mangaka: Yukimura
Release date: 2007/04/28
Miki Shinichirou × Suzumura Kenichi

P.S. This is a kind and lucky request of carly!!! She was the one who replied right to +Cold Blood first game! If you don't remember of what I'm talking about or don't know, you can take a look here!
Dear carly, thanks alot for taking part at the game! We'll make more in the future! And, as promised, +Cold Blood edited the manga you requested! To tell you the truth, I hadn't read it, and after you asked for it, I patiently waited for my friend videomaker to make the videos! Well, considering how fast and serious she is, I didn't waited long aahahhahahah lucky you she was the one who made them! Speedy Kissy!!!! Well, then please let me... ehm....*cough cough*..... US... enjoy this project!
Best beginning for our NOSEBLEED DAY!!!



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