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Ŝŧāŷ Ğōŀđ M+CD

After a failed attempted at bleaching his hair and ending up in a fight on the day of the entrance ceremony at his high-school; Ken is already off to a bad start with a bad first impression as nothing more than another delinquent.
Mizuki, Ken's best friend and secret crush, was the only person he met after that not to label him negatively just because of his appearance, but maybe that's because neither Mizuki is just the cute and innocent guy he appears to be.

Mangaka: Miu Ootsuki
Released Date: 2009/12/25
Takeuchi Ken x Yonaga Tsubasa
P.S. Personally I think that the seme shouldn't have a girlier voice than the uke's. It's a waste.... However, I really liked the plot, light and funny, so even if the cast disappointed me a little I decided to start editing this manga. Hope you enjoy it!

Ŝŧāŷ Ğōŀđ M+CD:

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  1. Hi ! Thanks again for your work ! I think the last video (N°6) isn't working, it says it's private... is it normal ? See ya ^^

  2. Kinda good but I was hoping they'd switch in the end. So the potential was wasted...

  3. Wait what!?? Is this the new website?? I accidentally arrive here wondering on the old website XD ahaha!! Good for me~~~ and I just send a request but here I am! Really, I'm so eager haahaah

    1. Aahahahahha finally someone noticed!!!! I respect and like u for following me in my crazyness even if u had no idea of ehre u were going ahahhha! I was here waiting for who could follow my little clues ahahhaah! LEt me know your real name I wish to speak with you eager ahahahah! =))

    2. ahaaha! actually I sent an email twice , Its me the anonymous "Blaze" haha ^_^

    3. Aahhahhah tsk and here I was thinking someone could be crazier than me ahhahahha but oh well I'm truly happy to heve u here too!
      Thanks for the mails too!


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