Friday, 2 September 2016

Đâŧŧė Μāōũ-ŝāmā ŵā ĸāŕē ĸīŕāĩ ĝā M+CD

In the modern day world, there is one who is born as the Maou (demon king) and one who is born as the Yuusha (hero). It's said that the hero has to defeat the demon king in both body and soul before the demon king tries to take over the world, but nowadays who really believes in this stuff?!. Certainly not Mao who just so happens to be the reborn demon king. However, even though he has strange powers which makes other bad-guy type people fall for him, he has no intention of taking over the world.

Mangaka: Yamada Nichoume
Release date: 25/09/2013
(Kamiko) Morikawa Toshiyuki × Okitsu Kazuyuki (Makoto)

 Đâŧŧė Μāōũ-ŝāmā ŵā ĸāŕē ĸīŕāĩ ĝā M+CD:

1  -  2.1  -  2.2  -  3  -  4  -  6  -  8  -  9  -  10.1  -  10.2



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  1. I love this story! Hope to be able to watch more soooooooooon! :) - yukya

  2. The YouTube account has been terminated can't watch anymore hope you put it on a different account. ( T_T)\(^-^ )

  3. Hay un pequeño error es Morikawa Toshiyuki no Tomoyuki n.n

  4. I hope you guys can get around to and re-upload these because unfortunately, I keep getting 503 and 404 warnings that these vids are no longer avaliable on openload :-SS

    1. Hiiii! I know some videos on Openload are offline now, but sadly in order to help me u should me more specific! This manga is allright for what I can see! All parts are ok and avaible! Nect time, pls, comment where u find the problem so I can fix someway!

  5. is there more than 10.1? that file had a 'to be continued' at the end, so I just wondered.


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