Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Ħāŧśũĸôī ŋō Ăţōśāĸĩ M+CD

Nishina has always drifted along with societal views and norms, but all that didn’t find him anything which he has passion for. After a divorce from his wife, he suddenly sees Miyama working at a café and remembers the only time in his life when he actually enjoyed himself.  
The bitter aftertaste of his first love has changed Miyama from an earnest boy to a man who couldn’t fall in love again. All that is set to change as he unexpectedly runs into Nishina, the subject of his first love.
Original work by: Hidaka Shoko
Release date: 2013/02/27
Majima Junji x Ono Yuuki

P.S. A kind and ooooooold request of Lucia verdeblue +aiRUI AKINO
Ok.... what can I say to excuse myself???!!?!? Well, I'll say the truth so I'll never fail! Sorry my friend, I know you made this request loooooong ago (well, actually you made more than one! 
I'll do all the ones you suggested, I promise!) the reason is that I'd like to do everything but among all these amazing artworks deciding it's truly hard!!! I'm happy I have such good advisers near to me! You always help me picking great projects!
Like this one! Well, I have to confess, I've read it some year ago, so I must say I had forgotten the plot, but now I'm asking how could it be????
This story is like how a plot should be according my tastes so I'm asking myself how could I miss for so much time your suggestion.... Maybe there is something wrong with my brain...
Ahahahha it's plausibile!!! But now I'm going to make you forgive me!!! 
Enjoy this project! All for you!!!! Oh but for everyone yaoi lovers out there, too!

Ħāŧśũĸôī ŋō Ăţōśāĸĩ M+CD:  1   -   2   -   3   -  4   -  5

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