Sunday, 25 February 2018

ᴑᴎᴇ ỵᴇᴎ ᵰᴏ ᴑᴛᴑᴋᴑ Track 5

Wazzup Guys!!

First of all, I wanna say "THANK YOU" for all the kind wishes sent to me during my bday... From the FB, the chat, the posts, the comments, the VID!!! ahahahhha  It really surprise me when I saw it!!  💗💗💗 Seriously I dont think I would gain this much love if I didnt contact Roby to share those vids... 2 years ago... I think... ehehheh  TBH, I started editing for my own selfish reason when no one ever edit my favorite manga ( u know my taste is weird after all...) 
So I decided to edit them myself since Nov 2015 n kept it secure... while gaining more extra pleasure from this blog..  ^~^  
But then at Feb 2016, a few days after my bday,  I take a deep breath n send a chat through Hangout to Roby to introduce myself n promote my vids... ahahahhha
Lucky for me she accepted my beginners skills n helped my to share them into the blog... N when she 'forced' me to write my own post... ahhaahha  well... this is the result... I just can't stop writing... DAMN.... 😄😄😄😄

NOW...  to the next track of this baby..!!  We are going to sneak into another couple this time...
What's his secret...? And why he keeps jumping into another pants into another for a long time now....


Enjoy the vid..!!!  💋💋💋

ᴑᴎᴇ ỵᴇᴎ ᵰᴏ ᴑᴛᴑᴋᴑ 




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