Sunday, 28 January 2018

ᴑᴎᴇ ỵᴇᴎ ᵰᴏ ᴑᴛᴑᴋᴑ Track 2

Wazzup Guys!!!

Errr... etto... truthfully.. I dont know what to rant this time... 😁😁😁
My days are still busy as usual... while my "Yaoi Time" were cut short... something I've been feeling irritated for... and all those smexy pic/manga you guys always share on our group were no help at all..!! It's making me aroused (shall I used that word..? ahahhha) for  more.... 
Well... MORE is what we need for this baby I supposed..! 😋😋😋
Sanjoy finally found Ueda Kyouichi and he's digging the dirt to know more about Misaki...

What exactly is he saying here...?

"I really like you and I dont want you to leave"...?

Enjoy the vid..!!  💋💋💋

ᴑᴎᴇ ỵᴇᴎ ᵰᴏ ᴑᴛᴑᴋᴑ 

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