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ᴑᴎᴇ ỵᴇᴎ ᵰᴏ ᴑᴛᴑᴋᴑ Manga + Drama CD

"I need you to look for  this man. He's my sex friend and he took of with my money."
That is Masaki's request when he hired Sanjou, a private detective who accepted all kinds of request from customers. Little did he knows that this time request shall be the one that lead him into knowing the real man behind  the stoic rude attitude of Masaki Ryo.  Why did  Masaki's attitude resolve around the money and why did his so-called sex friend's disappearance seems a bit weird to Sanjou? 
The 2nd part of this CD is a spin off about Masaki's so called sex friend, Ueda Kyouichi. 

Mangaka : Monden Akiko
Release :  6 April 2011
Cast :
Takahashi Hiroki  X  Sugiyama Noriaki
Yasumoto Hiroki  X  Toriumi Kousuke


Wazzup! Wazzup!!!

It has been so long....?? XD  I believe it is since Christmas and New Year...! Well.... been busy a bit and real life is kind of getting in the way for we still need to live it in.... Besides I wanna give you guys some time to dived into the new sexy baby  of omegaverse from +Yukuroo クロオ  and of course I need to use this baby to blackmail +Roby85m  for the end of neon..!!  😁😁😁 
Hell...! She still owe me the extra juicy part for it..!!  So I decided to share this baby (finally...!!) BUT..!!! This track ends at cliffhanger... which shall be another blackmail for +Roby85m  to  share the extra  IF you wanna see the 2nd track..! So..... 😏😏😏😏  Keep pushing baby!!! Ahahhahh  
(I'm devil and I know it..!!  😈😈😈 )

So..... I'm hoping that you guys will have fun with this new baby and find it to be a really suitable to be use to keep blackmailing the Big Boss..!! Enjoy the vids..!! 💋💋💋

(ps:  Please let me know if the link has any problem... My net is so slow I cant load the vid to check... And there are some part of the scenes where the voice can only be heard on one side of your headphone/earphone. So please use both sides of it. I'm already having trouble during editing cz I only used one side of my headphone.. )

ᴑᴎᴇ ỵᴇᴎ ᵰᴏ ᴑᴛᴑᴋᴑ 




:)) :d :p :(( :) :( :-? [-( :-o :-t :-ss b-( @-) =))
  1. Hi Kissy! Thank you so much for the new project! I remember when I first read this one! As for your questions concerning the link and sound, I did not have a problem at all with either. I used my headphones for both ears too. SPOILER FOR THOSE READING THIS COMMENT! The only time where it may be difficult for someone to hear the voices is if one is only wearing their right side headphone/earbud. If this is the case then they may not pick up the phone conversation that Kyouichi is having while in the bedroom before he leaves. This is most likely due to the fact that the Masaki and Sanjou are in the closet, and the sound was edited that way when they originally recorded the CD. I hope this helps! Take care. I cannot wait for the next part!

    1. Hello darling! Thank you for ur feedback n I'm glad u were enjoying this baby! About the headphone issue, I'm mostly using only one side of it cz I need to at least open one ear to hear when/if my mom was calling.. =)) cz if I'm not answering she might pop up from my back...! and that would be bad... :d

  2. Is there any way you can tell me what the song in the beginning of chapter 5 is?

    1. Hi!! This project is using the song called "Destiny" an OST from Black Jack.. :)

  3. Track 7 isn't working. can you please fix it.


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