Tuesday, 2 January 2018

PêñđũǏūɱ M + Drama CD

December (or maybe January) SURPRISE!!!

So from the previous post, I had mentioned that I'll be giving you guys a surprise! And...the surprise is....
:D Another Omegaverse Project!!! Pendulum! SO yes I'm gonna be editing this one too :D

This is an omegaverse where manbeasts and humans co-exist. Manbeasts can only be born from an omega (Ω) human. Kai is a young Ω abandoned by his parents. He was picked up by Roald (α), the head of the Siegfried family, the most powerful manbeast clan in the country, to bear their children. Up until then, he was treated as a nuisance by those around him, so he was drawn to Roald who treated him as a human being. Before he knew it, now he dreams of becoming a pair with Roald... However, he learns that the Siegried family doesn't form pairs and goes through multiple omegas to leave more descendants...And the destiny of an omega in heat is to go with multiple manbeast partners as well...

Track 1 will be slightly long as it generally talks about how the omegaverse thingie goes around so yea...
(Fun facts: Ruado's voice will kill your soul, because it did happened to me :D)

Mangaka: Hasumi Hana
Released year: 2016
Pairing: Ruado x Kai
CV: Hiroki Yasumoto x Enoki Junya

Have FUN >:D
Pendulum M+CD(Track 1)

P/s: I'm already editing K.D midway so please do enjoy this before I post K.D soon X'D



:)) :d :p :(( :) :( :-? [-( :-o :-t :-ss b-( @-) =))
  1. Whoaaa sugoi

    U always choose beautiful yaoi manga, and I love it

    Thank U for your hardwork... Ganbate ne yukuro :)

    It's really surprise me :p


    1. Thank you Cilla chan! Glad that you really enjoy it! <3

  2. Fabulous!!!! :d

  3. Yass thanks you :)

  4. Ruado-sama��

  5. Want to know when track 2 will be published!

  6. the first part was deleted :(

  7. I really want to Know track 2 so please upload it as soon as possible thanks :)

  8. Track 1 was deleted please repost

  9. Please fix the link T////T


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