Monday, 15 January 2018

Ƙăƨħîķóɱȁɼǐɱąƾĥīţǻ ƉȅƾƗĭŋƴ ~ŝĩđë: ßūƫŀêř (Track3)

Track 3.... :)

Presenting another track of K.D! This part will be explaining about both Kudo's and Miyauchi's past so be sure to not miss it! :D

This track is definitely the longest I'd edited so ye...if there's any mistakes I did in the video...please forgive me.. TvT


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:)) :d :p :(( :) :( :-? [-( :-o :-t :-ss b-( @-) =))
  1. AWWWW SNAPPPPPP. I love this couple so much. I have a question tho, how many tracks did they have for the side butler because I know in the manga their story is like 6-7 chapters? Anyway thank you for your hard work!! you did it so well \o/


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