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τṿ-ᴋυᴎ ṉᴏ ᴋɪᴍᴑᴄнɪ Manga + Drama CD

A compilation of 3 different couple that connects in one story:

* Terebi-kun no Kimochi & Megane-kun no Kimochi
University student, Keisuke was asked by his childhood friend and an actor, Souta,  "Can I kiss you?"  Thinking that it might be a practice for Souta's next new drama, Keisuke kissed Souta without hesitation.

* Manager-san no Kimochi & Idol-kun no Kimochi
Koizumi Wataru is supposed to be  a very reliable and responsible actor that could do everything himself without his manager's help. Well, that's what his old manager said about him. But when Ucchii  become his new manager, he start depending on him more  to the point where he wont even eat without Ucchii. Why is that?

* Techou-kun no Kimochi & Majime-kun no Kimochi
Michitaka  had to suddenly takes over his family's convenience store  when his father had a heart problem during his third year of high school.   There, he met with Sudou-san from the main office who's in charge of the store. 3 years later....

Mangaka :  Matsumoto Miecohouse
Release Date : 26 November 2009
Cast :
Takeuchi Ken  X  Sugiyama Noriaki
Nojima Kenji  X  Hatano Wataru
Suzuki Chihiro  X  Maeno Tomoaki


Wazzup! Wazzup!!!

HAPPY HO HO HO Holiday!!!  Hope u guys r able to have such a great time (for those who celebrate) since the early preparation, the whole bonding time n of course the presents chosen, the feast and until the end of the celebration!!  
And.... this is MY gift for you guys!!!
As we all know, this baby was first edited by Risa-chan  whose skills are very superb compared to mine, and was shared thru her own cute blog. But she only managed to edit the first 2 tracks only before we lost contact with her... 

"Darling, where ever you are, plez be well and happy cz  u got everyone here who adore u and will always knows ur special touch!"

Now this is an old request from Diana Suarez Cazalla...  which makes me very glad when I decided to check it out cz it turns out that this baby got 12 tracks  to completion!!! So... thank you co much for requesting dear!!!  

But!!! I'll just share until the 2nd couple for now... 
The third couple will come for ur New Year Celebration later!!! Dont miss it!!!  
Ja.... Enjoy the vids!!!  💋💋💋

(Psst..!!! I added a new link for those who can't access into G Drive..! Give it a try!! )  ^~^

PS: Our dear +Roby85m chan will not be here during this holiday. She  is going to visit her brother (she already left on 23rd morning) for a short vacation until 3rd January!!! So... u guys are stuck with moi..!!!  😁😁😁😁

τṿ-ᴋυᴎ ṉᴏ ᴋɪᴍᴑᴄнɪ 

~ Souta  X  Keisuke ~

* Track 3 (G Drive)  /  Track 3 (Cherry)

~  Koizumi  X  Ucchii ~

* Track 4  (G Drive)  /  Track 4 (Cherry)

* Track 5 (G Drive)  /  Track 5 (Cherry)

* Track 6 (G Drive)  /  Track 6 (Cherry)

~ Michitaka  X  Sudou ~

( ↑ Last Track ↑  )



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  1. Thank you soooooo much for considering my request and make a wonderful job!! This manga is so sweet and pure, and with the Drama CD is even better (L)
    What a big Christmas present! Kisses and Merry Christmas!! :)

    1. U're welcome!!! Hope u like it!! :d

      Happy HO HO HO to u too..!!! :)

  2. Unable to watch due to play black limit.😭 my yaoi heart is broken 💔.

    1. well.... actually thats the catch for using g drive.. no annoying ads n everything is just in one click... but there r only a certain cumber og viewers allowed at one time...
      i think the limit is up to 100 viewers at the same time only... unable to watch it due to playback limit means that the number of viewers exceed that.. (I should be happy aren't I...? =)) )
      but dont worry i will reup them in openload sometime later today... so for those who cant access to them due to the limit will need to settle with openload only... :)

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful present Kissy! I will be thoroughly enjoying it today! :) I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

    1. u're welcome..!! :d
      I hope u enjoy them!! :)
      n my holiday is super busy..... =))

  4. Replies
    1. mine...?? u sure u're not talking about risa-chan's vid...??? :d
      hihihhiii thank you so much dear!! :))

  5. Happy New Year Everyone :))
    Arigato kissy-chan you make my 2018 more cheerful hahaha =))
    And your effort to show video in streamcherry, I really appreciate it

    I hope all of your dreams come true in this new year... :d


    1. :))
      thank you darling!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 U TOO...!!! :)

  6. Hello Risa-chan and cold blood kissy! I really loved this project. Thank you so much! Can I ask you two to make "Hana No Mizu Shiru" "Jackass" Caste Heaven" "Futari No Musuko Ni" and "Aozora No Kimochi Susume"? Pretty please? I know it's kind of alot to request. Please I really look forward to it! Thank you soooooooo much! Please keep up your good work!

    1. Hello Enya! Glad u enjoy the project!! ~<3
      I would be glad to accept ur request.! TBH, I enjoyed accepting request than need to decide on my own what my next baby gonna be cz its saving a lot of time..! :)
      But... 'Hana no Mizu Shiru has been edited by someone n they completed it. So I wont be redoing it...
      'Caste Heaven' too has been edited completely by another group.. :)
      'Futari no Musuko" used to be in my list but the manga was too hot n someone has edited it till the end on YouTube...
      And that leaves me with only 'Jackass' n 'Aozora no Kimochi Susume'.. Im pretty sure Roby will take Jackass cz she loves the story.. :d
      So thats mean I will take a look on the other one n I will let u know as soon as I can.. :)

    2. Thank you so much! I will gladly wait for it! And as for the rest, I will try to find em to watch. :)

    3. darling.. unfortunately i cant find aozora's manga... maybe u could help...?


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