Sunday, 6 August 2017

Ķʉϲʜɪʙɪʀʉ ɴɵ Ɏʉĸʉɛ M+CD

From Mangago: Yuusuke and Souji have been friends since middle school and now they are working at the same company, Souji's family's company. But Yuusuke has been avoiding Souji to avoid confronting his feelings for Souji ever since Souji suddenly got married. One day, Yuusuke discovers that his and Souji's kouhai, Masahito has joined the company as well. Why did Masahito decides to join the same company? And what happens when Yuusuke learns the real reason behind Souji's marriage..? 

Mangaka : Yamato Nase
Release : 25th July 2008
Suzumura Kenichi
Toriumi Kousuke
Yasumura Makoto


Wazzup Guys!!!

First of all I wanna say that everything about the re ups thing is settled now, and I truly thanks the up-loader that understood the rule and took them down! Accepting my request to take them down means a lot! From now on, please consider that our projects are already available and free to watch for everyone, it's only to protect our precious babies that we use the private mode on YT, so if u want to share love u can simply share the blog to ur friends and yaoi lovers. I think it's a pretty simple and fair thing to do!

So.... enough ranting... and....
This time project is from my favorite mangaka... but this baby is not her fluffy and cute plot as usual... This one have a serious plot all around it... plus some maturity and one side love, this baby truly touch my heart because it was different for her usual story line...!! Ouh... not to mention, this baby got a second place during our 801 Celebration's Poll last week...! And...

Enjoy the vids..!!! 💋💋💋

Ķʉϲʜɪʙɪʀʉ ɴɵ Ɏʉĸʉɛ M+CD



:)) :d :p :(( :) :( :-? [-( :-o :-t :-ss b-( @-) =))
  1. That's great to hear! Thanks for the new project as always. Take care!

    1. yeah... luckily it's been settle nicely without any harm... :)
      thanks for ur support too! :))
      And.. hope u enjoy the vid!! :d

      ouh... btw... about the sailormoon melodies before... it was my favorite too!!! such a lovely melodies..!!! :)

    2. Yes! Thank you! You, Roby, and everyone else who contributes to this wonderful blog is amazing!

  2. Hello! I did not know this had a cd!!! A surprise!!! :d
    Thank you for editing this one! I liked this manga so much! Good work as always!

    1. Hi! Hi! Now Im really flattered..!! Thanks a bunch!! :))

      ps: Yamoto nase's work got a lot of drama cd out of them. Such as steady study, the one with tittle 'pet' (i dont remember the full name), FAN, and so much more.. And it always is a joy to discover each n everyone of them n ofc working on it too.!! :d

  3. I loved the last page of the 5th track, and how it said "Threesome Curry" XD

    1. =)) i dont know if the product will be able to sell or not..... :d


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