Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Ӈɘɴɑɪ Ƥʀɪɴȼɛ M+CD

From Yaoi Otaku:

Satou Kouhei, the number one artiste with great acting skills, was obsessed with Takahashi Jyunji, a paramedical researcher. Kouhei became the official stalker and appeared everywhere, at the company while threatening the CEO to stop their contract and even at Jyunji's house doing household chores. Regardless of how cold and violent Jyunji is, Kouhei accepted it all. Would the sadistic Jyunji finally give in to the masochistic Kouhei? And how..?

Mangaka : Narazaki Neneko
Released : 28 Nov 2008
Takahiro Mizushima  X  Yusa Kouji
⇅                              ⇅
(Satou Kouhei  X  Takahashi Jyunji)

Wazzup Guys!! Its a month after Valentine's Day, which means we are celebrating White Day today. The purpose of this day (mostly) to return the gift you receive during Valentine. So!! Since +Roby85m  has gave us such a sexy gift on that day, I wanna return her sexy intention  (mostly cz I forgot about Valentine...  😁😁😁) with a NEW baby..!!! 😉😉😉
Its truly a lovely year for me spending my time here at the blog with all of you.. Hurm... come to think of it.. I already join the blog last year during this time... wonder what I'm doing without enjoying the celebration...  😔😔😔
Still..!! Whatever it is... I wish that we will stay having fun in our own peace as usual for that is the most wonderful moments to share our passion. 😍😍😍

Ja... HAPPY WHITE DAY guys!!!
Hope you have a nice week and.... 


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