Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Ɓūŧøĸąı ŋø Ŧěčħøü ~ Ūŋ Čăřŋěŧ ᴆᴇ ƁąŁ ~ M+CD

In the Meiji era, Masahiro, son of a Duke, who's been in England since he was a child has come back home and been asked by government to gives dancing lessons to the sons of noble families so that they can attend the big ball with a proper manner at Rokumei-kan, a place for diplomacy for every higher status ever existed. Fukaya, the second son of Viscount from Kuki family, is in a special relationship with Masahiro instead of just be his student. Never did he knows that Masahiro is hiding a secret promise between Masahiro and Naoki, Fukaya's brother, who's been very jealous for all the attention Fukaya gets from their father. Fukaya has been betrayed once again when his own friend used him to get into Rokumei-kan and be the cause of its' crumble...

Mangaka : Youka Nitta
Release : 24 November 2006
Cast :
Masahiro ↔ Kishio Daisuke
Fukaya ↔ Sugita Tomokazu
Naoki ↔ Konishi Katsuyuki

⑴ So... Wazzup guys!! First of all I wanna thank you for all the wishes for my birthday today.. It so sweet..!! It open my eyes wide awake this morning at 5 am.. ahahahh but.. really.. THANK YOU... 😍😍😍

⑵ Being so sweet and all.. I wanna share my day with all of you through this NEW baby..! I really love this story.. As simple as it be, the plot is very great and its historical too..! I love historical tag..!! Wish I can do more of them..!! 😁😁😁

Ja... without any further rambling... 
(I dont know since when I learn to write long...  😉😉😉
I'm gonna let you guys streaming this new baby of mine..!! A FULL one that is..!! Enjoy the vids..!! 💋💋💋



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  1. I've just ended watching it.... I have alot of emotions in my head but I'll try to be short... First of all.... thanks for letting me know this manga, never heard of it... and less less never imagine this could have a drama cd! So thanks! Second.... oh came on... today is your BDAY... and u propose a sad story?!?!? :( Ouh dont get me wrong, I liked the idea of forgiving the one who hurt you and overcome difficulties.... but at the end they couldnt really stay together and this made me sad.. I mean, I dont know if you all think about it while reading mangas, but I always try to imagine being the protagonist of the story and ask myself how or what I would do in that kind of situation... and forcing myself having a life I dont like only for rules or conventions is unthinkable for me... but that was an historical plot... lucky us we live in a "modern" time... (even if I'm not that sure of that!)... Third... liked the cast... I would think another for the uke... but in general I enjoyed the cast! And oni sama voice.... Takanooooooo! :d

    P.S. Love you!

    1. Err... Short..? 😄😄

      Hurm.. i never think of it that way.. it didnt even occur to me about the ending at all.. hurm.. come to think of it.. maybe i just love the story.. 😆😆

      Ouh and ps.. love u too..? 😉😉

  2. This is so beautiful. I cried at the end. Thank you very much for including this in your project. This BL gives me a different feeling. I'm glad I watched it ����


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