Sunday, 1 January 2017

$øŋø Ķũćħıƃıřų ŋı Ƴøřũ ŋŏ Ŧšūŷų M+CD

Wazzup Guys!!

Happy New Year!! How's your first morning in the year of 2017..? Waking up late I'm sure from all the fireworks and parties last night..? 💃💃💃 ehehhehh.. 
Now let me add some more extra fun into your pocket for your New Year celebration..!!

Summary :

Wada Tatsuki seems to be an ordinary bus driver, living a simple and peaceful life with the job that he really enjoy to do... However there is a heavy burden he holds in his heart, a terrible thing that he has done in the past, almost 15 years ago... What if one day, the man that he hurt appears suddenly and wants to take revenge, with some twisted personality that seems to be the effect of his action...?

Mangaka : Fukai Youki
Release : 28 Jan 2009
Cast :
Morikawa Toshiyuki  X  Yusa Kouji
⇅             ⇅
(Kyoichi Wakae  X  Wada Tatsuki)

I wanna share this new project with you as a present for New Year... putting aside the twisting event in this story, I really like a story with some heavy plot.. It really keep me ongoing and it seems to stick in my mind longer to remember them. 
Besides, as our usual weekend's celebration for a Nosebleed Day, I think this baby could really bring out the meaning of it...  😅😅😅

So, may 2017 keeps recording our joyful moments together.... and ENJOY the new project guys!! 



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  1. I love this manga sooooo much! Thank you!!!!! :)

    1. :)) Dont forget to stay tune for the rest of it..!!


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