Saturday, 7 January 2017

Ŧøŧàłłŷ ĈąpŧįvąŧěĐ part 22

Wazzup Guys!!

Happy Weekends..!! What a lonely week have we gone through seeing +Roby85m  still hasn't been able to be here as usual... Tho I'm sure she's enjoying her vacation during her absent.. hihiihi
Let's all just hope and pray that she will be able to present herself here as usual listening to ME grumbling every nights... 😜😜😜
Now, allow me to ease your loneliness a little bit with this new track and a warning too as usual.. to do not forget to wear your headphones while watching.. 😏😏😏


All I could comment about this track is how sweet this couple is.. They truly are..!! Mookyul's hand while trying to get Ewon's attention.. and his confession.. again...!! 😉😉😉

And I can't seem to just let go the fact when Mookyul complain about Ewon never used his money at all over and over again, so Ewon just point his finger by random and realize that he pointed out at the teddy bear store... and he get one..!! Of course it comes with a very sweet gift as well... 😆😆😆  It is so sweet to finally see Ewon opened his heart solely for Mookyul after all this time... 😍😍😍

Which manage to cause this powerful statement out from Ewon's true feelings... 
So.. enjoy their sweet moments guys.. and have a nice day!! 💋💋💋

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