Sunday, 25 December 2016

Ħăïŧøĸū ŋø ŁøvĕŜíćĸ M+CD

Toru is working as an escort. Tho he had a content life both in work and in private, he knows that there's something missing. Shinya is a 19 years old who's currently working at a cafe during summer vacation. He met Toru there while Toru was wandering around during his free time from his boss's need. He immediately falls for Toru but will Toru's work gets in their way..? 
(ps : there won't be any 3s*me..)

Its also include one shot story about a couple who met during one night stand but the night activity seems to last forever..?  ^^

Mangaka : Minami Haruka
Release : 27 Aug 2008
Cast :
Konishi Katsuyuki X Fukuyama Jun
Koyasu Takehito X Fukuyama Jun
Toriumi Kousuke X Sugita Tomokazu 


Wazzup Guys!!

Ho! Ho! Ho! And Happy Holidays..!! Happy Nosebleed Day too, I might add..  ^^
And, for celebration purpose, we have prepared for you a very... ehem ehem.. SEXY baby right over here..!! 
Minami Haruka's work really gets to me with all the sexiness and the... err.. well.. I think the all the sexiness in her pieces already covers everything. Her always simple plot with a very attractive characters always manage to seduce me to edit them.. Even more so when it comes with the cd. I would always used her piece when I need some break from another long project or from any stress. So, I just wanna warn you guys, that... you might see her more here... 

So, enjoy the moans project, and.. have a nice holiday..!! 💋💋💋

Ħăïŧøĸū ŋø ŁøvĕŜíćĸ M+CD

* Track 1
* Track 2
* Track 3
* Track 4 (Last Track)
* Extra Track



:)) :d :p :(( :) :( :-? [-( :-o :-t :-ss b-( @-) =))
  1. Another Minami Haruka's manga hihihihi :d
    Good job Cold Blood Kissy!

  2. so sexy 😊 it make me blush
    i love the chance and letting go

  3. could you do more manga and drama from minami haruka please?

    1. Ahahaha more?!?! Just for ur info u just made Kissy extremerly happy...!!! (she greaking loves editing minami haruka's mangas ahahah!!!). I can already see lil shining stars just around her eyes aahaha
      Thanks :)

    2. =)) roby u know me so deep...!! ahhahahh

      more minami haruka...? I would love to do so... hurm... I already did her.. :-ss
      edit her "haitoku no lovesick, hanairo virgin soil, saihate no kimi e and kohitsuji hokaku keikaku (havent reup yet)" n for now... I already had her "Kindan no Amai Kajitsu" waiting to be edited" :d
      AND!! I would love to do more if u found any BLCD for any of her work!!
      *pinky promise :)


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