Saturday, 5 November 2016

Łøvě MøđĘ M+CD #4

Wazzup Guys..!!

Actually, I planned to share this reup yesterday, but I forgot that I need to be at my cousin's daughter's birthday party and we rushed over there so suddenly..  ^^

A single moment can change one's life forever... Another 100% Reiji-Naoya focused volume!
While Kiichi is being the usual big brother to Naoya, taking him out for a new clothes, splurging on a new watch, the jewelry store in which they're shopping is robbed! As the criminals take our two man as their hostages, Naoya starts to ponder his superficial and fickle existence while looking down the barrel of a gun..! When Reiji gets wind about the hostage situation, he wonders if he would ever see Naoya again..!!  

Vol 4
Release : 2004/09/27
Cast :
Yanada Kiyoyuki X Miyazaki Issei
Nakata Jouji X Seki Toshihiko

ps: I actually forgot that this volume is focused on Reiji and Naoya again.. ahahhhha
Well... enjoy their story and stay tuned for the next couple after..!!  ^^

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