Friday, 11 November 2016

ŁøvɆ MøÐě M+CD #5

Wazzup Guys..!!!

Its the start of our lovely weekend.. And I finished reup this one last night..!  ^^

This volume is focus on Haruomi and Kiichi. We get to learn how these two end up together and how is their relationship deepen within time.. With a dark past trailing from their own background, what is the future holds for them..?
And of course we still get to see the cute Naoya from this volume cz Kiichi totally adore him.. ^^

Mangaka : Yuki Shimizu
Release : 2004/12/22
Cast :
Nakata Jouji X Seki Toshihiko
Konishi Katsuyuki X Chiba Susumu

ps: This is CD1 for this volume. And as usual, I'll try to share CD2 as soon as I can, kay..? Just pray for my wins during the internet speed's war tonight for me to upload them..  ^^



:)) :d :p :(( :) :( :-? [-( :-o :-t :-ss b-( @-) =))
  1. Thank you for the re up! When I couldn't watch them anymore I thought of not being able to enjoy this serie again.
    I'm grateful to you girls for not giving up! Good job :))

    - Fili


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