Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Ŋôŧ ĔɋūąŁ M+CD

Wazzup Guys..!!

Having fun with the sweet horror night from Roby..?  ^^
Now..now... please take another break from the working days, and enjoy this NEW project..!! 
Hurm.. I believe this one has been tagged with 'supernatural' too.. Then, it might can be accepted within the Halloween theme? ehehehhe

From MangaGo : 

Ryou's parent got separated when he was just a little child. The last time he saw his father was 10 years ago, just like looking at an older brother. He has been living with his mother ever since, but the time has come to visit his old man. Surprise at first that he still looks very young, Ryou starts to think think a lot about the past. But what will happen to him when the time tricks him and he gets to live in the past..? 

Mangaka : Ike Reibun
Release Date : December 28, 2012
Cast : Ryou (Suzuki Tatsuhisa) x Konomi (Nojima Hirofumi)

This baby was requested by Mareeda that wanna see some work from Ike Reibun-sensei, and this little one is the only title that have a drama cd.. A bit shock right..? Me and Roby used to spend hours of our chatting time discussing how did they choose which manga to make a cd.. but no answers..  ><
Alright... this baby is a bit harder for me to edit.. so, I'm just gonna share them track by track and they gonna meet u guys every Wednesday, kay..? (I hope so...) So.. make a reminder or a sticky note at ur pc/phone..  ehehhehhe

ps: Just a small reminder tho (again)..  Please do not share this vids on YT cz many of the 'Not Equal' that used to be edited, have been 'strike' out with copyright.. and we still defenseless against that.. and of course.. do not reupload them.. ehehehhe

So... with all of that above... have a fun weekdays..!!



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  1. this is an amazing manga. I am waiting for this in a long time. I love this so much. thanks you Roby and Kissy

    1. :-ss really sorry for the waiting.... I hope the vid could cover for the wait... ^^

    2. I am so in love with this manga that I forgot when I start to wait,. thankfully my Dear Roby and Kissy 😇

  2. this is an amazing manga. I am waiting for this in a long time. I love this so much. thanks you Roby and Kissy

  3. this is random but are you planning to work on caste heaven ?? the drama cd was relesed a week ago i think and i cant find it anywhere :(

    1. Hello dear Unknown! A question, since how long are u following me!??!?!

    2. for a long time now but why :-ss

    3. Aahahah then u should know how much I'm suffering for Datte Maou-sama (still ongoing)!!!!! And if I'm not mistaken Caste H. is still an ongoing one right? I promised myself I would never pick an ongoing manga... I'm weak against the wait! But I miss something of Ogawa chise here! I can consider it when it will be complete! If u have something else in mund (complete PLS) we are here!:p

  4. i miss you so much Dear Roby and Kissy. i was out to the place with slow internet connection but now i am back 😀😀😀
    i have many to catch up. i am so bless to be back

    1. hi!! glad to see u again.. its been so long..!! hope that the complete of this story will be the perfect gift to celebrate ur homecoming..!! :)

    2. Welcome back! Enjoy as much as your heart can take ahahahah just be careful ok? Thanks alot for your request! I'm going to enjoy now!!!!


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