Sunday, 20 November 2016

ϺÍşĕŗáŕęŧĕ M+CD

Wazzup Guys..!!

Enjoying your Sunday..? 😊😊😊 My Family and I spends our time from morning till now... (it's already 6pm here..  ^^ ) watching Hindi films..!! I think almost 5 to 6 films have been played throughout the days..  😏😏😏  Hurm... as weird as it sound.. all those dancing and songs really help.. Even my 3 years old nephew is dancing all around the house.. 😄😄😄
Well... I wanna share some with you.. but of course the fun came from Japan.. hihiihi

This story is about Kaoru (from Nanbu family) and Kuzumi (who became a father to Kouhei when he was 17), that met again at work after 6 years. Nanbu clan, in the past, had ruined many companies by dissolving their contract to cut down on cost. Because of that, Akira (Kaoru's twin brother) left their home as it affect their own bestfriend whose family's company crumble too. Now at work, Kuzumi is trying really hard to claim Kaoru as his, and while Kaoru is truly attracted to him, what happen when his long lost bestfriend suddenly appear and reveal that Kuzumi is also one of the Nanbu clan's victim and he might get close to Kaoru just to get his revenge..?

Mangaka : Asagiri You
Release Date : 28/9/2002
Cast : 
Kaoru (Sugita Tomokazu) X Kuzumi (Narita Ken)

Lil' Confession : 

₁  This is an old manga that was release on years 2000. But I've been attracted to the fact that they had twin in this story (not a twincest) but an awesome twin feeling where they feel what each other feel.. (you can see that when Akira meet with Kaoru again later) Hurm.. actually you can see more of the twin power on the sequal to this one which is about Akira and his lover.. but sadly he got no CD.. 😒😒😒..!! Still.. the fact that this manga got one makes me really happy..!!  ^^

Here.. you can find Akira at here.. his story is a bit here and there.. so I'll give it to you accordingly to make it easier..  ^^

₂   This project has been complete for so long and sleep in my hard drive since... last May.. I think.. I never got a chance to up this baby till today when I wake up this morning and wondering what should I post for this day... and my eyes went wide when I saw this baby.. ^^

₃    I wonder if you guys ever read this one.. cz let me tell you first.. the CD is a bit different from the manga.. so there's gonna be a bit of... hurm.. maybe you guys will notice them in the vids.. but if you dont.. then LUCKY ME..!!!  😌😌😌

So.... enough ramble... and ENJOY..!!!  

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